Thursday, June 28, 2012


Update: I went into the bathroom to give the kid a bath, and the web and long legs was gone. Little brown was on the rim of the tub. In my attempt to relocate said little brown- he perished. So that is how it ended. House destroyed, villain missing, hero inadvertently killed. Not as exciting as I had hoped. I think I was looking for a battle to end all battles. That may be how the house was destroyed. If only I had the time and patience to really watch the whole event all the way through. .

Update: Family left yesterday with my mom.
It was really nice to see everyone, but I am glad they are gone. It was so noisy, usually I don't mind noise, but it was aggravating my pregger mindset. My cousin has 2 girls 7 and 3. The older one is really bossy and the younger one is really whiney and they are relentless with each other. They are also spoiled rotten by everyone but their mother, so they listen to her. It took them all of 2 minutes to realize that I was more like mom than grandma. They were completely confused when I didn't jump at their every command. They were even more confused when they came in and said something like "I'm hungry." and I responded with "and...can you ask a question?"  There was a good long pause and she asked, "Can I have something to eat?" I looked at her then she added "Please?" I said absolutely! What do you want? and we had a perfectly agreeable afternoon. The way the girls pick and argue- I really hope that is a girl thing. I know my boys are going to fight, and have aggravating moments, but I sure hope it is not constant. Time to start reading some parenting books.

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  1. Ack, no statements that are really just lazy questions, please!

    I don't know about just girls, but with mine the sweetness between the fighting is very nearly worth it. NEARLY!