Monday, June 25, 2012

The need to ramble

I feel it coming on..

a ramble...

Family is coming in town, down from their Kentucky Holler. No really, they are fun people and I love them but they can be a smidge inconsiderate. We did not find out they were coming today, until yesterday. I know they said they were leaving at 10 am, but I know they won't leave until 1 or 2. This is without consideration of the fact that I have to make dinner for everyone. They will be very loud- my kid goes to bed at 7 ish, if he gets woken up my day will be miserable the next day. But this is them and I love them. I honestly wish they would stay longer than one day. They are really just coming to pick up mom. The only reason my uncle is even coming is because he wants to look at a car to buy. (He is the reason I had several of my cars at all, be buys damaged cars and fixes them.) He is not a big fan of traveling. So it will be my cousin, he husband, their youngest child, my aunt and uncle. Mom has these plans for taking my aunt to some stores she really likes around here. I just don't know when they plan on leaving tomorrow.

Set Change!
I am so thankful my hubby cleaned the guest bathroom yesterday. It looks really good. Now, I need to get the kitchen and family room in order. And still get a shower in... lol

Set Change!
Justin and I were supposed to go by the school tomorrow to get my class set up in case I don't make it back for the beginning of the year, but family will be here.

Set Change!
I need.. like NEED to get the baby's room set up, at least the space. I am just obsessed with it. It stems from the fact that we had NOTHING ready when little man arrived. Which I KNOW it will be ok. He is going to be in a bassinet next to the bed for a while, but stressed just the same. I am being a hormonal pregger woman.

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