Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good Daddy

My husband is such a good daddy, the end is where you really see it. Today he was cleaning off our always cluttered desk. He thought he smelled dog poo. So he walked around, checked up and down stairs, alas no dog poo. In his defense my mom's dog's farts smell just like dog poo. The boy was up to his usual antics, running around, pretending to sweep, pulling everything out of his toy basket. Today the boy was "sweeping" with our swiffer. Just a basic model thing. So, as the hubby is working on the desk and bills,  he keeps smelling the poo and it is getting worse. So he gets up to investigate again. He quickly finds out that the boy found the poo, and it was indeed poo. But being the super sweet boy he is, he tried to clean it with the swiffer, all over the kitchen. Poo smeared everywhere. Everywhere. And it is really funny because I wasn't home. My husband really is a good daddy because he thanked the boy for trying to help, put him in the tub, scrubbed him clean. Then he scrubbed the tub and the kitchen clean.
Good man.

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