Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yeah. Yeah.

My oldest son is about a month away from being 2. When he doesn't know the answer to a question he just answers "yeah." It is a very non-committal, "yeah, whatever" kind of answer.
He knows what yes and no mean. If you ask him a question that he knows the answer should be no, he will answer no. Do you want to go to bed? - No  Do you want to go in the car? No

So he has been answering Yeah and No to questions consistently for  about 2 months. We assumed that when he answered Yeah, he was answering the question. But it seemed to me he was overly agreeable for an almost 2 year old... So we started asking random questions that the answer should not be "Yeah"

Our test questions-
Do you see Isla? (our dog) "Yeah" She was no where near us

Is Nonna here? "Yeah"   again- not near us...

oh no... this is not good...

Is there a purple dinosaur standing in front of you? "Yeah"

Thus began the fun of asking him questions for our entertainment.

So here are some of the things we have asked him...

If Daddy farted, would you eat it?  "yeah"

Do you want to ride Isla like a horse? "Yeah"

Want to party like a rock star? "yeah"

Want to ride the ceiling fan? "Yeah"

Do you see a winged monkey? "Yeah"

At Christmas we told the family about our overly agreeable son... They had fun with it too...

His Uncle Kyle asked him "Are you having fun?"  "Yeah"  "Is Papa an asshole?" "Yeah"


Saturday, December 29, 2012

A trip to the ER

So my anxiety got the best of me today.

I walked upstairs to do some cleaning. Upon arriving at the top of all 4 stairs, I got sick to my stomach and I had this sudden and severe pain in my shoulder that radiated up my neck and down my arm. I was so nauseous that I seriously thought I was going to puke on the floor. My arm felt weak and I was shakey. I came down stairs and immediately looked up pain in right arm. Of course, I got all the scary heart attack websites. I was hitting 3 out of 5 symptoms. ER they said. ER I said.

But, I tell you what. You tell the staff at a hospital that your arm hurts, is numb, and you are experiencing general weakness- you don't have to wait in a waiting room...

So after peeing in a cup, having blood drawn and having stickies on my boobs they said my heart and gall bladder were ok. They took shoulder and chest x-rays and believe that I had seriously injured my shoulder at some point - don't even ask me, I am the clumsiest person on earth. It has healed incorrectly. And now it looks like there is something preventing my shoulder from being in the correct place. As for the nausea, and lethargy - panic attack- which I can easily agree with. Stress probably.

The ER doc didn't say it- but I know that what he really wanted to tell me was to stop cleaning. No really. I have been scrubbing and cleaning getting ready for a party that no one could come to anyway. So the disappointment of my party falling through and the stress planning and cleaning for one before said party fell apart = anxiety.

So my arm still hurts. I can take motrin, and go see an orthopedic if the problem persists. So $150 later, my arm hurts because I jacked it up at some point and aggravated it. THis is a much better solution that ignoring it and being wrong about a heart attack.

I blame the PSA ads about women heart attacks. 

So- Funny story while I was in there. The x-ray tech was having me move for pics. She had me put the top of my hand on my hip thus forming the "handle" from "I'm a Little Teapot." So while she was walking away I felt the need to start singing "I'm a Little Teapot." She stopped, laughed and told me that in her 14 years of asking people to put their hand in that position, no one has ever made that reference. I thought I was pretty awesome at that point. Then my arm started aching from holding it in that position.

So a bit of light to my crappy day.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I think blogger read my last post because the next day they had an update for mobile devices where you can save drafts. There is a Santa.

As cool as that it, I am typing this from the trusty ol laptop.

My in-laws came over for our gift exchange because the hubby's grandparents like to draw names. Which really only works out for them. EVERYONE else buys gifts for everyone, but them. They have the money to get gifts. I don't think they are doing it to be cheap, I think it is easier for them this way. Honestly and Truly.

The Hubby's Nanna doesn't like to leave the house. Her youngest child died just a few months before we got married. He was 35 and had a heart condition. He lived in Boston. He died alone in his apartment. He hadn't come down for Christmas the previous year. She, understandably, has been devastated. She lets it eat at her. Last night she talked about how Mike is furious with her for being that way. She went through a very serious depression for about 2 years after he first died. I don't think it has totally lifted.

The Hubby's Aunt acts like an 80 year old woman. She walks with a walker and is all hunched over. She always has some new ailment and is forever sick. Now she is just lazy and/or cheap. I know she orders all sort of crap off the internet for herself. She didn't even get my children a gift. For as long as my hubby can remember they have made egg ornaments for everyone. But that was never the gift. It was a tradition. This year her gifts to the boys were "special" eggs. They had the boys initials in glitter. 

I could care less if they get me something, but don't leave the kids out. This year the boys were still too young to notice or care, but soon they will. Maybe not next year, but definitely the year after.

I feel like I am being bitchy. But I have been so frustrated for so long because of  that whole end of the family's selfishness. My mom never let anything ruin Christmas for . NOTHING. It seems like every year there is some drama to bring everyone down.

I am grateful that the Hubby and I agreed that we wanted to have our Christmas in our house. Just us. That way there is always a sacred hour of pure happiness for our children where they are shielded from the drama.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Been a while

So it has been a while, but not really. I have started like 5 posts, but my phone app won't let me save drafts. So the bloggerverse gets the short end of the stick on that one.

It seems inappropriate to blog about anything but the Sandyhook tragedy.
I am broken.
But I was almost broken so much more.

Baby boy has an angel care monitor under his mattress. Just like his big bro. It goes off all the time when he moves to a corner. So when it went off again, I walked the 15 feet to the other side of our partitioned bedroom to check on him.

I touched his face- no response.

I picked him up- his head flopped back

I listened- no breath

I patted (quite aggressively) he whined.

I cried out for the hubby.

He took baby boy- I collapsed sobbing and praying. Thanking God for saving my baby boy.

Thanking God for the over indulgent purchase that only a silly first time mother would by. -Yes, I was called just that when describing my purchase 2 years ago.

So tonight as I climb the stairs to his room for the fourth to put the pacifier back in his mouth as he screams because it fell out, - again- I thank God I am climbing the stairs to a crying baby, not to an alarm.

SIDS is just that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome- because they can find no other reason for them dying. They just stop breathing. He was on his back, he had a pacifier, everything they say to do.

But he is ok- and I will always tell an expectant mother to buy one- it was worth every penny and I would pay it again every day if it meant that I can keep my boys safe.