Thursday, January 31, 2013

kiss my butt goodbye

You know that scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is sucked into a tornado and she is all "I am laying on my bed because the window busted- oh woe-sigh pass out" And there is that unpleasant music and a slight roar of deep stringed instruments. Yeah- Bullshit.

Scene: Darkened skies, blowing wind, and 27 ten and eleven year old students working diligently on a science study guide. My phone buzzes ominously in my pocket. I pull it out and as I read " A tornado warning has been issued for your area." Simultaneously an announcement " Teachers and Students please assume your weather saftey positions." We file out for the second time that day. As I sit the students in the hallway, our DARE officer says "My phone and raido just blew up with calls, this one is serious" -awesome....

We have the kids in duck in cover mode, the wind picks up, it gets dark. The principal comes over the walkies and tells the teachers to GET DOWN NOW!
 UM_ HOLY COW. I am suddenly very glad I took my license out of my wallet and put in my bra- for real. not kidding. put my ID in my bra. Paranoid much? I also thought to bring my leather jacket. I figured if there was glass or something, it would protect me. As I sat there in the duck and kiss your ass good bye mode, I prayed. I prayed. I prayed. I shook, I shook, I shook. I was sure I was going to throw up. The Music teacher was next to me, and she had to pee. I told her if I throw up, she HAS to pee herself so everyone will look at both of us, and not just me.

We sat there and at the very end even the principals sat down in a safe area. Even the police officer sat down. I prayed for my home, mother and kids. I prayed for me and my students, I prayed for my husband and his library.

Things calmed down outside. And after a few more minutes we were told we could get up and go back to our rooms.

End Scene.

It was a glass a wine kind of night.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


So we all went to the Goodwill today. I LOVE people watching at the Goodwill.
First and Most importantly- I saw a 10 pointer. That is right folks- a 10 point mullet. It was beautiful.  And by beautiful, I mean HORRIBLE. Quaffed on top. Long, grey and stringy down the guy's back. It was only topped by the fact that he was was rocking a Hover Round. You know the one that Tom Cruize pitches on TV. He was playing with his grandkids. They were running around and around the Hover Round. He would rev it up and stop short of running them over while they went squealing around the racks. That part was sweet. The mullet was ah-mazing.
Little Man made it his personal mission to say Hi to everyone he encountered and turned on the charm. At the same time, he managed to be a whiney pain for me. He is good like that.
There was a lady in a hat that was reminiscent of Crocodile Dundee. I couldn't decide if she wore it TO the store or found it and was wearing in the store. Both are scary options.

There were so many tiny babies. They were so sweet and cute. NO- this is not drumming up desire for another. I am happy with my 2 boys.

I found the most fantastic prom dresses from somewhere in the 80's. It makes me wish I had somewhere to wear them... I would have bought them IN. A. HEARTBEAT.

I left empty handed, while the Hubby spent some of his birthday money and got some work clothes.

Fun was had by all.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

video games are yucky

So The Hubby got a new video game- This brings our number of games to a grand total of 5. One of those came with the system, one is my Zumba game the other 3 are the Hubby's.

They all suck.

They all are shoot 'em up blah blah blah complete a task blah blah blah slash a horse with a sword because it is fun blah blah blah pickpocket blah blah blah.

Look baby- Slash

Ohhh look what I can do- BANG


Make sure it is gone and out of the house by the time our boys have any ideas of playing video games...

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Just give in...
For the love of all that is holy and good. Give in.

Baby Boy has figured out how to roll over. From back to belly. He HATES being on his belly. Yet- he continues to roll over from back to belly.

This puts a kink in our let him cry it out plan.

He will lay there.

Squeal and laugh

roll over



Put him back


Finally, Finally after doing this about 5 times. He crashed... on his belly.

Silly boys.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

playing grown up

Even as a kid- I knew grown ups had it hard. I had a keen sense that I had it good.

I did want to hit those milestones-
later bed time
learner's permit
driver's license
right to vote
legally drink

I knew that my parents hated paying bills, they were stressed over finances, and they had to take care of my aging grandfather.

There are things I never expected to encounter-
friends divorcing
friends loosing pregnancies
friends loosing children
friends committing suicide

The latter happened to me today. A friend from college. He was an acquaintance. If I ran into him at wal-mart we would spend 5 minutes catching up, and then move on. I was friends with him on facebook.

His wife gave birth to twin girls just a few months ago. He posted sooooo many pictures of those girls. So many.

He was a pastor at a church.

He shot himself in the head.

There are so many more tragedies I will encounter. I knew those things listed would happen- statistical inevitability, but I didn't realize I was the age when these things would start happening.

At what age do you stop playing grown up and become an actual grown up?
When you have children?
When you get married?
When you turn 29?
When you get a real job?

The first time you stop and realize you are a grown up.
I think that is the answer.
I had that today.

I have kids (almost 2 years.)
I have been married for 6 years.
I am 29- since October.
I have had a real job for 7 years. 

Today I am a grown up. What else comes with being a grown up? Friends with cancer. Friends dieing. Friends getting divorced.

But what else comes with it? The good- So much good.
Friends having sweet babies.
Triumphs and successes of our children.
Triumphs and successes of friend's children
Job promotions
New ventures
Books to be written
Dances to learn
smiles to be shared.

The good far out weighs the bad. Always remember this- The GOOD far outweighs the bad- ALWAYS.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

my loves

Feeling the love today.

Loving my husband.
Who got up early with baby boy even though it wasn't his turn yesterday morning.
Who loves his job.
Who is good at his job.
Who supports me no matter what crazy idea I come up with.
Who wants me to get my PhD.
Who wants to read my book.
Who loves our boys.
Who will do the dishes when I feel crappy.

Loving The Boy.
Who put himself down for a nap today.
Who decided that he wasn't ready for a nap, so he got a book and read to himself for 20 minutes.
Who when he was done reading, called "Mama! Mama!"
Who when I entered the room he smiled and laid down. and whispered "mama."

Loving the Baby Boy
Who nuzzles me when I pick him up.
Who gives the most bright smile that radiates through the room.
Who turned over today.
Who has the most squeezeable cheeks.

Feeling the love today.
Also- they are napping.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a book

So I have had the idea for a book bouncing around in my head for about a week.
I am full of random fancies like this, but this time this idea did not go ahead and bounce itself out of my head.

The concept is to tell a story completely through facebook. Wall postings- private messages- photos shared- checking in- games played- profiles- It is going to be YA fiction. I have 9 pages written. I have never been this motivated to write before. I have had 100 plot lines I have thought through since I was 3, and this one really is blooming.

I was inspired by these support group pages. When super storm sandy worked its way through GA a few months ago, the only person hurt was a small boy named Tripp Halstead. He was critically injured when a tree fell on his head at his day care. His parents set up a "Tripp Updates" FB page. When I discovered it, I went all the way to the beginning, and read it straight through . I did the same with a woman who's husband has set up a page when she had a seizure, fell into a coma,had to have her baby delivered via c-section, and he had to return from Afghanistan early.  There are months worth of updates on her support page showing her steady improvements. I was completely engaged.

So I thought- What if there was a whole novel written this way. Where the reader was challenged to fill in the gaps. What if they were surprised when they were wrong, affirmed when they were right? So much of our lives are played out in social media. My main character would be an average high school girl, maybe a little kinder than the rest. divorced parents. evil stepmother, game obsessed brother. Balancing job, college decisions, boyfriend, friends and family. Then there would be an accident. Not sure if it is going to be her fault via txt and driving (avoiding that b/c I don't want this to be a morality play on the woes of txting and driving- plus Glee already did that) or if she is going to be hit. If she is hit, then what of the other person? Should they have been drunk? Or texting?  Will they live? Will they die? All of these decisions are going to dramatically effect my main character. I know her injuries are going to potentially paralyze her. She will walk again- but it is going to be a very long journey and the book will not end with her walking across the stage to graduation. More likely it will end with the reader knowing she will walk again.

I need to do research. I need to know what hosp do when they have someone with a spinal injury. I need to know what the rehab is like.

Before that I need to be more aware of how teenagers talk and use FB. I have a few teenagers on my friends list, but they are far from typical.

I can develop the characters. I can make you like them and hate them. I can make you go- what the heck are they thinking. But I need to hash out this plot.

This is a very big undertaking and I am fully aware of the time and energy I am going to need to put into this. That is why I am giving myself a year. Once a week I will write. On breaks. I will write more often. You will be my accountability partner.

I think starting a blog has given me the fuel to write. Thanks Lucy.