Wednesday, June 13, 2012

whatta trip

Man, I missed my family.
I was away getting my learnin' on. I am a participant in a National History Grant for teachers. We affectionately call it the TAH (Teaching American History.) I had 3 days of classes about local history and how it relates to Civil War. Our focus the last two years has been using primary resources in the classroom. Then we left for a whirl wind tour of battlefields and DC. IT has been completely fascinating and exhausting at the same time. 

I have been really excited about this trip and taking pictures. There is another teacher who is a part of the grant who is also a photographer. She forgot her camera last year and I have gotten the cold shoulder from her since. I don't know if I am reading too much into her behavior and the reasons. I am not used to smiling at someone and not receiving one back, even in courtesy. I am a people person at heart, and it really bothers me when I don't know why people don't instantly love me. (I exaggerate.) I kid, I kid, but I would like to know what (if anything) I did, so that I can (a) correct my mistake and (b) not do it again. Over time I have learned that sometimes I have done things that have hurt other people's feelings,  and I genuinely had no idea it was happening until they told me. I take those things to heart, and I take them very seriously. I do no want to be the cause for anyone else's pain, stress, or frustration.

Anyway, she had her camera this trip, and she warmed a little bit to me through the trip. The girl she hangs out with was very nice to me, so that makes me think she is not talking bad about me. Maybe she has had a hard year, I know her hubby is in the military. Maybe the fact that I am/have been pregnant bothers her, maybe they have had issues. I know that I can be an attention hog sometimes, and that could totally rub someone the wrong way. This forum is hard for me too, because I really enjoy history. Also, I am very comfortable with the people in the group, so sometimes I will crack jokes in the seminars (always appreciated with a hearty laugh.) I can say that by the end of the trip, she was at least returning my smile.

I am just glad to be home with my family. I missed the little man and the hubby. I missed my mom.
Now to recover, it really was a busy week.

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