Thursday, June 27, 2013


This is a summer of healing and mental preparation.

I am healing from the emotional beating I took from my classroom this year. I did not realize how much it affected me until I was completely removed from it all. I think they call that perspective. 

At the time, I knew I was stressed. I knew I was frustrated. I knew I felt like crying from those 2 factors. I knew my kids' parents did not raise them well. I knew I did an excellent job at teaching them. My scores showed that, their kind letters told me that and their hugs and tears showed me that. But, my body's reactions to normal classroom suggestions tell me that I did not handle my stress well.

When we were given iPads, my first thought was- there is no way I can give this to kids. They will break it, look up bad things and misuse it in every way.
No- No they won't. You had a few kids last year who wouldn't be trusted to breathe in the same room as the iPad, but you don't have those kids anymore. In fact you are going to have sweet babies who will benefit from these iPads.

One of my favorite things it to set up my room. I NEED to do this. My room was packed and moved in about 25 minutes on the only day of pre planning. So yeah- it NEEDS to happen. In fact it needs to happen with a committee of about 3 people. But alas- It will be me feeling overwhelmed... so I don't want to. I don't want to because I am afraid it will cause me anxiety. .

More healing- Time- More healing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New York, New York

New York City, uh huh
Center of the universe,
sing it girl  
Times are shitty But I'm pretty sure they can't get worse, I hear that.

Give my regards to Broadway
Remember me to Herald Square
Tell all the gang at Forty-Second Street
That I will soon be there

Loving one who loves you,
And then taking that vow...
Nice work if you can get it,
And if you get it --
Won't you tell me how 

I was in New York last week. It was an amazing time! I was up there to study the gilded age, immigration, and industrial revolution. We had lectures from some of the best professors at Harvard and Yale. And one guy from the iron works who nearly put us all to sleep with a lecture, on a bus, in the rain, talking about obscure boats that were built a long time ago, before the place nearly shut down. 

We had LOTS of good food and even better company.

I was famous on Good Morning America. Totally.  Josh Elliot totally hugged me. That. Really. Happened.
We were show stoppers on Broadway. No really we stopped the show and made the company laugh. Mathew Broderic looked right at us. We laughed at a joke about the south- really loudly- and clapped- an whooped. and Matthew Broderic stopped- looked at us and then couldn't get his line back. While the rest of the cast proceeded to crack up. It took him nearly a minute to get to the second part of the joke. We. Were. Show. Stoppers.
I am the master of the subway. As long as it is the 1 line. 
I saw people act like New Yorkers and felt like a cultural anthropologist. 

I felt cool.