Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wild Kingdom

So little spiders residing in a web far above my head, nice and sedentary, do not bother me. Large spiders running across my floor near my feet, bother me. This is a story about the first. I tend to leave webbed spiders alone in my house, because they eat mosquitoes and flies. Both of which are better off in a spider web than in my bedroom as I try to sleep, which is always an adventure these days.

Anyway- 2 days ago such a spider and spider web appeared in my bathroom, safely up in the corner. Today, I go to reach for my soap, and little spider is dangling near the rim of the tub. WHA?? I look up and there is a grand daddy long legs lurking on HIS web. About that moment my over active imagination kicked in. Suddenly we find our hero hanging over a cliff in a monsoon (aka the shower- duh) while the LARGE evil villain sits in the hero's secret home. Our hero struggles to climb up the thin rope. Climb, climb- spin.... rest. (I would rest too if I spun as much as he did.) Climb, climb, spin, rest.

This is where it gets really exciting. Our hero climbs within inches of the big bad long legs and at first it appears as if he is climbing then slipping down, but careful observation shows he is shaking the web! He is pulling a plucking/sticatto move on the silk to shake the long legs out of his house.

However clever this is, long legs takes 2 steps towards our hero and he retreats. I am then struck with a metaphor relating to the civil war. Long Legs is Union. You know he is in the north, he is bigger and he appears to just be taking over the south's rights (depends who you ask.. lol.) Little guy is in the south (below,) is smaller and has a much larger amount of room to retreat to and regroup. But we know how that story ends.

So our hero starts the trek back up the silk road, but stops more like 6 inches from the long legs this time, and tries to sticatto him again. At this point I was sitting in my towels, on the closet toilet watching the adventure and I realized that I should probably get dressed. Just a thought. I will return to see who the victor was, I (just as the blog suggests) have other things to do.

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