Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weddings and a rouge bridesmaid

So one of my very good friends from high school (I did not go to HS with her, but it is in that time frame) was married yesterday. It was a picture perfect day and everything went smoothly despite the disappearance of a bridesmaid.
There is usually one. I don't think there was one in mine, but with a smaller wedding party, it is easier to limit problems. But there was one this weekend. She was an hour late to the rehearsal (understandable), complained, was more than drunk the entire wedding day, was defiant to the photographer (that pissed me off the most, theses are the bride's pics- don't fuck them up because you are feeling bitchy,) then disappeared before we could have our "grand entrance" into the reception. Poof- Gone- No answer phone- Not passed out in bathrooms- Gone. So we entered without her. I took on the lone groomsman, and had one on each arm. He seemed really out of sorts. Eventually she texted the maid of honor and said that she was "ok" when we asked where she was she said that she "did not want to bring her drama to the wedding." So... I just hope the bride doesn't realize the drama, and just has wonderful memories of her wedding.
I am just frustrated because she was really selfish. I kept my mouth shut, but I had some comfort when the other bridesmaids were drunk enough to bitch about her also. Its good to know that I wasn't just being an a-type.

I, on the other hand, had a fabulous time. I felt very welcomed into this tight group of friends (these were mostly her friends from college, that I never met before.) I was worried that it would be awkward because I am 7 mo pregnant and the maid of honor had lost a child who was due the day of the wedding. I even offered to bow out of the wedding, so that the maid of honor would be able to enjoy the day without grief. I have had to be around a few people who have lost children late in their pregnancy and been pregnant myself. I know that I was a constant reminder, and I took their cold shoulder with patience and prayer while trying to stay out of their way. It is not their fault, it is not mine, but I can minimize the reminders. But the maid of honor was graceful and kind and I appreciate her strength and beauty on this very emotional day for her. Her best friend in the world is getting married on the same day that her daughter was due. She lost her around 21 weeks. I can not even fathom, not even a little bit. I am grateful my 2 pregnancies have been successful (so far.)

Well it is time for house cleaning.. bah.


  1. Oh wow, that's a lot of drama! How did the other bridesmaids not pick that girl to pieces??

  2. I think she left before they got the chance.