Sunday, June 3, 2012

my kid is weird

So my child has the strangest eating habits EVER. I know everyone's toddler is picky, but mine is picky in a totally strange way. The only thing he wants to eat is brussel sprouts. I'll put a meal together of pot pie, sprouts and apple sauce. He will pull the pot pie out of his mouth, but gladly ask for more sprouts. He eats them at every meal. He will pick them over spaghetti, bbq chicken, chicken nuggets, or hot dogs. He would live on b-sprouts and goldfish. He would be perfectly happy.
Occasionally he will eat peanut butter. Justin makes him french toast, pancakes, or waffles and put peanut butter and syrup in them for his breakfast. We have discovered he is like Buddy the Elf, if we put syrup on something, he will eat it. But that doesn't lead to good dietary habits. Lord knows, in this house we need better dietary habits.
He is a taster like me. He will stick his tongue out, and taste what is on the fork first. I don't stick my tongue out, but I do take a small bite before I dig in. This kid may look like his daddy, but he sure acts like me.

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  1. So sprouts WITH syrup would be the best meal EVER? :)

    Lainey is like that with steamed broccoli. She can't get enough!