Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sweeping away the day

So my darling son has taken an interest in cleaning. It is really great- hopefully, it will develop into a life long love of cleaning so mommy can retire from the house cleaning role. I doubt it. So the hubby and I have been hunting for a child size/oriented broom. We found one with a cute little bear that sang songs and "makes a sweeping noise." We put it together and tested the noise making element. The sweeping noise sounds like a shovel in snow.

The last few days I have managed to sweep while he was napping or after he went to bed. Today was the test. I got him interested in his broom, I grabbed mine and for 3 glorious minutes I was able to sweep unencumbered by a toddler snatching the broom out of my hand. Once he realized that I had the other broom, he wanted it. I asked him if he wanted to switch. His answer was to snatch my broom and walk away. Always the prime example of negotiation, that child.

We have this long handled dust pan that he usually snatches away from me when he is taking my broom. My strategy was that he would take the dust pan, drop my broom and I would be the victor. Not so much.

He dropped HIS broom and grabbed the dust pan. So I swept the kitchen with the bear broom the music singing away. Let me describe this broom a little more carefully. It is about 2.5 feet high. It barely comes to my hip. The width of the broom is about 8 inches. So my 7 month pregger butt was hunched over sweeping with twinkle twink little star ringing from my broom.

I didn't do a very good job.

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