Monday, June 18, 2012

health screening

So our insurance offers a discount if we go get our annual physical called a "biometric screening."
At first it sounds like something out of a 80's futuristic movie. You know the movies where the world has gone all to hell and the government is all in control. And the floating cars- can't forget those. But it makes sense. Bio meaning life and metric meaning measure. A measurement of your health/life. phhttt I like my original thought better. 
I had a physical back in November, but that was before they offered the the discount, so I did not bring my form (you know, because it did not exist.) So fasting while pregnant had me pretty worried.
So my sweet sweet hubby let me sleep as late as possible, so I did not have to be conscious and hungry all morning. So I woke up and realized that there is some form that we have to bring with us.
All of a sudden we had a quandary, both laptops were in the family room, where the little man was napping. He is notorious for being an inconsistent sleeper. Sometimes he sleeps like the dead, sometimes laughter 2 floors up will send him crying to be picked up. So I risked it. I tip-toed in and grabbed the laptop successfully. That is right- I am a ninja. I brought it upstairs, pulled up the forms and printed them- in pink...?! Re-set the settings- Printing in PINK. A very light pink mind you. check the ink statuses- all good. Set all settings to default- Print! in pink... Oh well they will get a pink form.. screw them. Ninja's can rock pink- hello Power Rangers!
So here I am starving, late with pink forms- I was a tad frustrated.
We arrive at the Dr. within minutes of our appt and it was not a problem, the nurses got a giggle out of my husband turning over pink forms, and we were seen.
The nurse did the basic gathering of info. She was very impressed with me (pardon me while I brag for a moment, you can hate my skinny ass later) because even being 7 months pregnant I am within a healthy body mass index. AND I did not have to do blood work, the dr. could use the workup from my last appt in Nov. Unfortunately, not so much for my hubby. So, now he has some weight goals he has to meet in order to maintain our heath insurance discount.
He had just signed up for a gym membership a few weeks ago, so we made some decisions about when will be a good time for him to go. We talked about the types of foods we keep in the house and portions. I really, really hope that I can be a motivator for him with out it being "nagging."
A new adventure!

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