Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to my A-type

So I have some A-type tendencies, and they tend to recede when I am super stressed and super busy. I know that is when most A-type-ers turn into 3 headed a-type dragons, but mine goes and hides. It is almost like a state of self preservation. My head knows that it can not possibly control and manage everything, so I just pick the priorities. It wasn't always this way. I used to become that dragon, then I had a kid and now I am pregnant. I can not allow myself to become over stressed. I also can not rely on my brain to juggle it out. It  is like these boys are zombies. Little man is a 16 mo old zombie eating my brain from the outside while mini man is inside sucking the abilities out of my brain. So I don't even try. At least I know my limitations, right?
Anyway, the craziness that is the end of the year is over, so my little a-type monster peeks his head out and looks for his shadow. If the smoke has cleared, he rolls out.
So I am making a meal calendar. I used to do this every month, it fell out of style when I neglected to get a 2012 calendar. I just made one this time. I am going to be out of town for about  a week. I planned out the month, but left that week blank. I don't know how the Hubby and Mom plan on eating (or interacting for that matter) while I am gone. They need to make a plan before I go to the store. Otherwise, they are stuck with whatever they can scrounge up. Even though "it's not my problem" it is still irritating my a-type dragon. I also went through ALL the newborn hats/socks/mittens and organized by size. I gave away to chairs on craigs list to get them out of the house. Some of this may be nesting, but it is not out of character for me.
I am ready to get my budget underway.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

post planning

Post-Planning for teachers is always a whirl-wind. We have one day to complete 2 pages of checklists. Some of them are easy, like turn in all the nurses passes and tardy slips. Some are more complicated like, take all the old papers out of the permanent records, record all the grades for the year in the records, put 3 different stickers in the record, put a report card in the record, put the days present and the days absent in the record, then put ALL the records in ABC order. Then we have to organize all the data for the year and box it up. Turn in my keys, that don't exist. Laugh when maintenance puts a sign up that says "closed for maitence" across the 3rd grade girls bathroom.  You would think if it is written on their shirts, they could spell it right. I wish I had taken a picture. Have all items off my desk and my floor and put away so they can clean my room.

Then I realize how disgusting my room is. When all the desks are moved out, the floor is AWFUL. It is clear that a year with a not-so-great janitor reeks HAVOC on the floor. I have had 4 years of moving out and NEVER has it looked so rough. I swept up and I hope that they can get all the marks off the floor. In all fairness, the janitor that preceded the current one was fantastic, like over the top, beyond the call of duty, fantastic.

Well, it is confirmed. The little man indeed has hand, foot and mouth disease. Thankfully, he only has the hand and foot element. The blisters on his hands and feet look awful. I had to put band-aids on his little fingers because he sucks on his fingers at night and I was afraid the blisters would burst. I put them on his fingers, and little man spent about 30 minutes trying to pull them off. He sat there and flexed his little hands over and over trying to get them off. He would look at them, then at me with the saddest look. Poor guy. I hope they will last the night.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summa Time

First official day of summer- Memorial Day!
My child has slept in until almost 10:00. I made the hubby go wake him up. It was weird-ing me out. This kid is clockwork- 7 am. Every day, no matter what happens the day before. However the day before here was pretty wonky.

We were in Macon (smack dab middle of Georgia) to visit the hubby's family for the weekend. He went to bed at 9, after crying for about an hour on and off. Then woke up a little late for him. Had a short nap. When his cousin got there we went to the lake. (That is about the time I noticed the rash on his foot.) We played hard, we came home took a bath. We attempted to put the boys in the same room to nap.. hahahahaha they just chatted it up the whole time. We ate dinner and drove home.He did not sleep on the way home. Got home, noticed the rash was also on his legs and hands. sigh.

This morning the rash was thicker on the tops of his feet. So I think it might be hand, foot and mouth disease. awesome. Thank GOD there are no sores in his mouth. On the down side he played with his 9 month old cousin yesterday. I kind of don't even want to take him to the dr, There is nothing they can do, other than diagnose it for sure. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

last week of school

Last week of school-

OH MY GOD- These kids have lost their minds. The worst part? I could care less. Seriously. They are good kids and they are just hyper, but holy cow. It is like someone kicked an ant hill in there. I am glad when the Principal came in today, I was actually doing something academic, because the rest of the day was a fair guess if they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.
There is a one question a kid could (and will) ask that just infuriates teachers. "Is this for a grade?" I know that if I answer no- all motivation has left the room. I am not a big fan of lying to my kids, especially when I fail to actually give them a grade on the stinking thing.  Today the answer was "No, but if you don't do it, and if you don't do it with complete effort, you can work in the office." Now that is one of my rare empty threats, but because I don't often threat without following through, I was taken seriously.
The hardest part is we are all done- and I get it- I am done too. It is like senior-itis for 5th graders. And 5th grade teachers. And parents. And administrators. And lunch ladies--
Oh lunch ladies- gotta rant here-
We have a GREAT lunch staff, they just have STUPID RULES
Today when I arrived at the lunch room I was disappointed by bbq sandwiches or hot dogs. Sides of baked beans and coleslaw. Lesser of 2 evils was the hot dog. I don't like the sides offered. So I got my apple, and put in my lunch number THEN asked that since I don't eat the sides could I have another hotdog. NO, they would charge me1.50 for the stupid hotdog. SO I paid 2.50 for a hotdog, apple and milk. I call bullshit.

anyway- over it.

4 more days...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hubby

The hubby and the boy went a pancake breakfast at church this morning. It was nice to stroll out of bed when the moment moved me (or the other little boy kicking my bladder.) I had 2 bowls of lucky charms, edited some pictures.

I love my husband VERY much. One of the reasons I fell in love with him is because he was independent and intelligent. He could do his own laundry and his mother did not call in sick for him. I have dated people like that- it is a downfall of my generation. Despite the fact that he is a grown up with these qualities, he can not seem to leave the house without calling me at least 100 times.

The first was to see if we wanted to go to a birthday party for the little girl of one of our friends at church. Got it- good plan.

2nd- What should I get her? 

3rd- How much should I spend?

4th- Is this ok? Do we need a gift bag? Card?

5th- I was going to get your mom's prescription, what is her birthday?

6th- It is going to cost $40- should I still get it for her?

7th- Lets go to Home Deopt on our way to Dave's (not the birthday party mentioned before.)

We are still waiting on 8 and 9.

These all at least had between 5-10 minutes between them, sometimes they come one right after the other. You would think after 5 years of me sounding incredibly irritated when I answered the phone (yet again) he would get the clue or get irritated with me or just stop calling. but no. He is just as kind and sweet as ever. Completely ignoring my annoyed tone usually works. I am distracted by his completely reasoned need for calling. I am just now wondering if he has any idea how much this irritates me. Maybe he is just a guy who has no idea what I am really saying when I say "No, it's fine..."

He does this at home sometimes too. When I put the little man down for the night. I prep, get everything together and GO. Bath, dry, brush teeth and hair, diaper, clothe, read, sing and down. When Hubbs puts little man down, I get called up to gather something at least once.

I was sitting with his mom one afternoon watching tv while he and his father fixed (yet another thing) broken in the house. He called me up gather or do something 2 different times. When I returned the second time, his mother said something very snide. Which, let me reassure you, is very rare. She said "He was never like that when he lived at home, he did everything for himself." I looked at her and said "Lord, please make him like that again, I hate this shit." She laughed. All was well. But that is just an example of what I am talking about.

On that same note- I do things that if he did to me I would be furious. I tend to be snappy and crabby. Considering I have been pregnant 2/5 of this marriage, I would say 2/5 of it is excused. The rest, I admit, is being spoiled absolutely rotten by my husband.

I forget half the stuff he asks me to do. (again 2/5 excused) Call someone, pick up something, do something, or complete something. He never gets mad... never. I wonder if he knew this before we got married- and he accepted it a LONG time ago. I wonder if in his head he is like "I am going to ask her in the off chance that she actually does it and I won't have to." Like it is some statistical game for him. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


The hubby and I went to Blairsville this weekend. My students went in together, at Christmas, for a sweet jack deal that included a cabin in the woods and a massage. I got a beautiful pair of opal earrings from the hubbs for mother's day. He always makes sure that I feel appreciated on special days. He is really good like that.
We went antique-ing. Which for us mostly involves walking around antique stores either laughing or lusting after items in the store. I did manage find a really fake gold ring with some really fake gemstones. The great part was the beautiful opals as the main setting. The ring cost $8- WINNING.
I am really cheap, I mean REALLY cheap. I bought that thing like I was stealing from the place. The seller had no idea how much money she could have gotten from the opals alone. She sure couldn't get much for the fake gold and mis-matched gem stones. I was rushing the hubby out of the store like I was shoplifting. I did not want them to realize what I was getting away with. So now I had opal earrings and a ring with opals. I was a pretty happy girl. BTW my love language is gifts. AND a massage, cannot forget the massage.

We hosted a mother's day lunch for our super extended family. The grandmas had steaks, everyone else was relegated to bbq chicken or brats. I don't care for bbq sauce, so I assumed my hubby would make me chicken without the sauce- fail. I can't complain too much, he changed both poopy diapers yesterday. Win

MORE good news. Went to the dentist (the specialist) to have my root canal. He was looking at my x-rays and asked why the dentist refered me. I told him that a piece of my tooth came out and he felt the cavity was too close to the roots to just clean it out. He also did not want to do the root canal because the roots were curved. When I told him the part about curved roots he laughed at me- almost giggled  and said "Curved" was an understatement. My roots take a straight up 90 degree turn. He showed me on the x-rays, and he is not even exaggerating. He said he was going to try and clean out the cavity with out hitting the root, thus rendering the root canal unnecessary. I am very thankful for his skills, he managed to do it! No root canal for me today! I am very grateful and so is my bank account. Saved me about $500!

It is good to feel good again.

Monday, May 7, 2012

a little better

A little better, things are still stressful. I don't think that will ever change.
Glucose test came back good. So no gestational diabetes.

I bought new shoes. They look like pink sperrys but are actually crocs. I am super excited to get them in the mail. I had to have them sent from the store because they did not have my size and did not feel like driving 60 miles to the nearest store that had them.

My husband really helped me a lot this weekend. Not that he even really had a clue how stressed/ depressed I was. He might have, but he did not say anything. He was just his awesome self. He helped me clean, he cooked dinner. He had to work Saturday, so I took The little dude to a student's softball game, it was super hot. He then took him over to his parents house so we could have a night off and go to the movies on Sunday.

We went and saw the Avengers. So great.

I also took an opportunity to take some pictures this morning of a friends sweet kids. It was really nice.

I feel better but not great.

My sciatic nerve has been BURNING today. I wish I was one of those people who LOVED being pregnant. I always feel like an asshole when some beautiful woman with 100 kids asks me "Don't you just LOOOOOVE being pregnant?!" I try to be honest at all times, especially when I know I am not going to be able to carry off the little while lie. So I usually answer honestly "Not really." What a jerk. The look on their faces is pure pity. Yes- I love feeling the little boy move and jump in me. Yes, I recognize the ABSOLUTE MIRACLE the creation of life is. It still puts me in awe to think that this being- my child- started as 2 cells and is now a little person. However, I do not LOVE nor do I even like being pregnant.  And Yes- I do not how I got this way ;)

This pregnancy has been worse than the last. With Little Dude, I had it easy. I did not swell, gain excessive weight, or any of those typical "sucky" things. However, this round has been so much worse. Allergy season has kept me in antibiotics, I am swelling (not a lot), my muscles hurt, I am dizzy, I had the issues with my glucose, I have to have a root canal and I am crabbier. Crabby could be caused by all of the above.

One thing that will just loom over me is when this baby will come. Little Dude came exactly 1 month early. I am taking a progesterone therapy to prevent that, but it is still an unknown.

I feel like this is really a downer.

I got a bunch of stuff cleaned today!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

this is bs

It really is. If I wasn't pregnant, I would be pretty stressed. I am pregnant and I am REALLY stressed. I just want to dive into my shell. This is not good for me, this is not good for the baby. I really am keeping a calm demeanor, but it all really is weighing on me.

My job in itself is very hectic this time of year. It is a lot of fun, but the fast paced nature of the beast, brings some stress with it.

Then my molar decides to fall apart in my chicken salad. I am a good girl and go straight to the dentist, they decide a root canal is in order. ok stress. BUT my roots are curved, and I have to go to a specialist. WAY stressed. I will have to pay much more for the specialist. AND wait 2 weeks to take care of it.

This morning I open my e-mail to a 2 page letter from a parent telling me about one of my sweetest boys  being bullied on the bus by 2 of my other students (and others.) ANGER STRESS

I have my 3 hr glucose test tomorrow- stress AND I will be hungry all morning.

AND because I will be out tomorrow, I will not be there when critical test scores come in. They say they are going to call, but I still want to look over it. BAH

So then because I am stressed and withdrawn, I have fallen behind in my cleaning. Just about every day I do a wipe down and sweep of the kitchen and every 3-4 days I sweep and mop (see there has been a death for the routine) of the front room and living room. so I feel like I live in a pig pen.

Of course I feel like I have been neglecting my poor husband. He takes the brunt of my crabbiness.

Basically- this is BS.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today- is book worthy

Today is the type of day that teachers write books about. You know the ones that "regular" people find humorous and chuckle about. The kind that teachers will laugh out loud, shake their head in sympathy, and think "yeh, that is right" about.

Happy Monday morning after being out unexpectedly for 1/2 day.
100 e-mails waiting. 70 from book companies and websites wanting to pitch me crap. 20 from parents confused at to what the hw was after I left (there was no homework) and 10 from staff members with reminders and such for the end of the year.

We have changed our schedule to more reflect a "middle school" style day for our 5th graders. All the kids on our pod are mixed up and I am teaching SS and Science 3 blocks.

Homeroom runs smoothly with the exception of a normally very cool kid, calling out class clown style. Ignored.

 I had to e-mail the parents asking if they saw the progress reports because I only had 3 come in signed from Friday. Whenever I send out a mass e-mail that is BEGGING for every 5th parent to e-mail me back with 10 random and unrelated questions. It is like the Pandora's box of parent e-mails. Most of these questions can be answered by referring to the MASSIVE list of dates on my calendar. Oh and that same list is sent out EVERY MONDAY with the newsletter. So as they respond to my e-mail, the answer they seek is on the very e-mail they are replying to.

One VERY sweet, overly concerned parent wants to know where the 65 came from, she did not see it come home. Check with your sweet 11 year old who probably stuffed it in the garbage.

One joking about women's panties. 

One finding a pair of his own underwear in his backpack and pulling it out and acting like a clown in general. (Underwear later identified as stragglers from his last sleep over and forgotten about)

One kid managing to loose 3 very important pieces of paper for 3 different classes, thus racking up 3 zeros in one day. Then wanting ME to fix it. No sir.

Girl Drama- not even going there.