Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day of Folly

Friday started off with it's own goals. I have been feeling really good and a little cooped up. The hubby and I decided to hit up a neighborhood yard sale in the morning. We decided this on Thursday night. About an hour after we decided I was racked with such pain that I could not stand and began to shake. It was the second time in my life I was ready to go to the hospital for pain, it is also the second time in my life it was caused by gas. If I had not just had a baby, I would have immediately thought it was gas, but I began to worry it was something in my uterus. Fear not, as quickly as it came, the pain subsided. But every time I got up to pump or feed the baby, it started to hurt again and it took a while for me to go back to sleep. When I woke up, I was not in the mood to go anywhere, thus began our day of folly.

We made a goal of getting baby boy's nursery all set up. We really putzed around. When little man woke up from his nap, we went to get him milk and discovered to toddler dismay that we were out. I sent the hubby to the store for sandwich supplies and milk, he came home with $100 worth of groceries...

The upside of that bill is that he was going to make stroganoff.  Yummy!! So baby boy has had a touch of jaundice and we went Monday and Tuesday to have his blood tested for bilirubin numbers. When they called after the second test, they said it only went up 1 point, so just put in by the window for 10-15 min at a time. Well, just as we decided to start the beef for dinner, we got a call from the dr's office wondering why we had not done a follow up blood test yet... because we were not told to...

Their solution- drive 30 minutes to the hospital, pay for parking, and use the outpatient pediatric lab that is open 24 hrs.
So we do. We arrive at the outpatient pediatric lab- that closes at 5 pm... it is 6:30 ish... yeh- folly
We call the pediatrician and have them page the Dr, to find out what to do. What a waste of the Dr's time. After waiting 20 min for him to call back, he says that no, we have to go to the hospital's lab, he is not sure why the nurse would say that.

So we walk half way across creation to the lab- Do we have the dr's orders with us??
No, they said they would fax it.
Um- maybe they sent it to the lab instead- hopefully not the pediatric know the one that closed at 5.
Phone calls made- waiting for the lab to check
Ring! yes, we have it.

So we have his blood drawn, the lab tech, drew his blood and said that she would notify the dr within an hour.

So today we waited all day to hear from the dr- no news. I assume no news is good news. At least we did not have to pay anything out of pocket.

We arrived home just in time for the olympics to start. That was the first thing that was not folly- well maybe it was, that is more a matter of opinion. At least Marry Poppins beat Voldemort.

Monday, July 23, 2012

BABY Boy!!!


I have been a little mute for the last few days- I was busy ;)

So 35 weeks 6 days and I feel a little trickle. I go to the bathroom and I see discharge (ewww, I know.) so I did not think anything of it. Woke up in the middle of the night with the same sensation, roll over and go back to sleep. I headed to the Dr. for my appt. I told her that I thought I had lost my mucus plug, that I had felt a little trickle last night. She said it was probably nothing, but she will check anyway. Then she says "Oh, I think your water broke." She checked it under the microscope, and sent me to the hosp with orders.
This is my conversation with the Hubby-

Hubbs- Hey hun

Me- Hey, we have to go to the hospital.

H- Why?

Me- my water broke

H- are you kidding?

Me- No

H- Is this a joke?

Me- No, really

H- No, Forreal are you messing with me?

Me- No, water broke last night apparently

H- No, really, are you kidding

Me- No, and now I am about to cry so I am not kidding.

H- Oh- ok, what is the plan.

Me- I'll meet you at the house.
So I went to the house got Little man ready to go to a friends house for the night. Put the rest of my bag together. When the hubby arrived, we headed out.

It took me over 12 hrs to dilate. But it was worth the wait because I only pushed for 30 minutes this time.
'Baby boy weighs 6 labs 12 oz and was 18 inches long. He was born at exactly midnight.
If he was a new year's eve baby we would be rocking all sorts of cool free stuff. As it is we are just rocking a different date... lol

He is so much bigger and stronger than Little man was at 36 weeks. Baby boy weighed more at birth than I did at full term, so I think he is doing pretty well.

When came home Little man got to meet him for the first time.
"Little Man come meet your brother!"
To which he shakes his head and walks away.

The head shaking is new- I don't really think he knows what it means, but I think it may have been subconscious. lol

We are home and healthy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Kids so close-

I need to find a book about raising kids close in age. I am desperate to make sure Little man still feels loved, included, and important. I don't want him to resent his baby brother.  I want him to still feel confident and independent. Little man is not a lap baby, he runs and plays. He will come and sit with me for a minute, but that is it- he is down and going again. I don't want him to be jealous and clingy.

I know if I do this right- the boys will be best friends. It will be so hard at first, and any thing that will make my life liveable will be so very important.

I already know I am going to hold Baby boy accountable just as much as Little man. (when age appropriate)

I want these boys to lie for each other and cover each other's backs. Does that make sense? I want them to be so tight that they will protect each other. I mean I don't want them to be partners in crime, like holding up a gas station. But if they wander into the woods and one tears up his clothes, I want the other to swear that a bear did it and he saw it. I want one to tell me if the other is being picked on and to stand up and say "hey, leave my brother alone." If it comes to a fist fight. They will be in trouble at school, but not at home.

I want them to go out and get dirty- So I can teach them the responsibility  of doing laundry.. hehe

I want there to be healthy competition on the field (what ever type of field they choose to play on.)

I want them to be intelligent and use their intelligence. For good- Not evil.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

getting out update

We did not surprise daddy at work because daddy called and needed him to bring him something he forgot at home. Not a problem, we just did not get to surprise him.

We did go to the park- but it started raining after 10 minutes there and little guy would not stay under the pavilion to wait it out, so we left. He cried so hard in the car. I felt sooooo bad...

We did go to Wal-Mart. I know, but he needed a new pair of shoes.

There weren't many signs for yard sales and it was rainy- so bah.

But we did get out! Winning.

Friday, July 13, 2012

getting out!

Must be one of those hormonal days-
Woke up in a good mood.
Played with the boy, had fun.
Then he started....
He is now down for a nap.
And I feel bad for getting frustrated with him.
We are going to go out when he gets up.
We are going to go to the post office.
We are going to go to the park, hopefully it won't be to wet.
We have to go go the store..- it will not be Wal-mart.
We are going to have a nice day- busy and distracted.
Maybe hit some yard sales- but honestly it is a lot of work with him. (getting in and out of the car seat)
We are going to surprise daddy at work.
Then- Who knows?!

I think the problem is he gets bored here and then causes trouble. He can't help his curious nature and independence.

We are going to have a good afternoon. He is going to be so wore out that he will sleep like a champ at his afternoon nap. Who are we joking- I am going to sleep like a champ also. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

35 week panic

35 weeks.

I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. I was technically 35 weeks when I went into labor with little man. 35 weeks 6 days. I remember this because when I was admitted to the hospital the nurses asked how far along I was I told them I would be 36 tomorrow. She said ok "35 weeks and 6 days- premature" Have the NICU ready.
As if there weren't alarms going off in my head already.

So Little Man decided he was ready at 35 weeks and my water broke- completely unexpected. Really- I had no braxten hicks. I had no real contractions. I had no cramping. I did not have the runs. The baby had turned over the a few days before and I had "dropped." The Dr. said I was only 1 cm and 50% effaced. He said I prob wouldn't go to full term, but not to worry. I went grocery shopping- there was NO freaking food in the house. We had our bedroom and the baby's room painted. Mom yelled at me for grocery shopping alone. She didn't yell- but"got onto me." I slept on the couch in the front room (The hubby slept on the floor next to me.) The next day I got up and went to work. I caught my principal in the  hallway and mentioned that the Dr. said I will not go to my due date and we should get on finding me a long term sub. He looked at me and said- what we have a few months right? I was like no- not really. "What are you having? A squirrel?" No- just a baby.

I had a little chat with my students that day about how things would be when I left. The conversation started getting long and silly so I cut them off and told them "Don't worry, I am not having this baby tomorrow." Talk about words that will live infamy.

Went home, took a nap in mom's bed. She or the Hubby made dinner, cant remember. I think it was her. I woke up and started up the stairs, then changed my mind and went to the bathroom. Only it didn't stop- my water broke.
Panic- I called Justin in a panic and told him that I thought my water had broken. He asked what do we do? I asked for the phone to call the dr. I spoke to the answering service. She said the Dr. would call me right back. 20 minutes later I called again as my water continued to drip. This time she directly connected me. He told me to go ahead and head to the hosp. I asked if I could shower and eat. He told me to go ahead as long as I am not in pain, and I can feel the baby moving that I was fine. So I did, best shower EVER. When Justin's sister arrived at the house, we headed out. We met his parents at the house. I was admitted. I walked and walked to move things along. I got a fever (common when your water breaks.) I was put on an IV, petossan (or however you spell it) to make me dilate more, epidural came about 1 am. I tried to sleep but I was having back labor and I could feel it quite strongly above my epidural line. About 3:30 I started pushing. About 5 am they put me on oxygen- and had a baby at 7:30 am.

I had the most amazing nurses. They made it so easy to understand and quelled my fears. The same Dr that told me not to worry, delivered my boy.

This is also the same Dr that told me last week that 1 cm and 50% effaced was normal and not to worry (again).

Saw my vice principal today and put that little bug in her ear about my long term sub... she was like "Absolutely, tomorrow I put out the calls and start interviews!" much better than "What are you having? A squirrel?

I am in a much better place this time. I just want the baby to stay long enough to be healthy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

True Love

What is true love?

I think true love is the deep affection I have fore my boy. I miss little man when he is down for a nap- not to mention when I was away on my trip. He may drive me nuts when he starts whining, but even then I just want to make him happy and I am more frustrated with myself for not speaking 17 month old whine. I thank God we taught him sign language, because there are times when I would have NEVER of figured out what he needed. About a month ago he woke up screaming in the middle of the night. This is something that very rarely happens. The hubby and I both go into his room thinking he might have his leg stuck or something. And he is double fisting the sign for milk.  Both little hands were going about 100 miles an hour. I was able to get him a sippy cup of milk. He drank it, and went back to sleep. I can not say that my 2 am brain would have thought to go get him something to drink. I probably would have changed his diaper, then when that did not work, would have held him in the rocking chair. He may have calmed down, but I doubt he would have gone back to sleep.

I know every parent thinks their child is a genius. But this kid is definitely intelligent. We keep a box of cheerios in the family room to provide him a little snack when he needs it. The other day he kept trying to take my blanket off the couch (a favorite game of his.) He gave up and went digging in his toy box for a minute. A few minutes later he came up to me making the sign for please- and then then said Cher Cher which we have figured out is Cheerios. I get up, get teh cheerios, and place a handful on his little table. About that time, I look up and the little stinker has stolen my blanket, laughing hysterically, and running across the room with it. One can't help but think he did it on purpose...

I love the way he babbles in his crib or in the back seat. I love that the only word he really says is shoes. I love the way he runs and hugs me with full force. It is enough to knock me unbalanced. I love the crooked smile he has, he got it from me, and I got it from my dad.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July!

I love the 4th of July. I love the parades, the cook-outs, the fun, the fireworks. When I was younger I could tell you every 4th of July celebration in my memory; who I was with, where I was, about the fireworks and how I felt. I know I could do it in college, but I can't anymore. In fact, I was going to for this post. In reality all that I need to remember is that I have enjoyed every one of them.

Getting lost in California trying to find a fireworks show, and we ended up on the side of the hwy somewhere watching some random town's show.

With my cousin in Colorado, flying in that morning and really getting a show in the Rockies.

In a holler in Kentucky that was soooo proud to have their own display, but they only purchased one cannon and did not realize that after each firework the cannon would have to cool down before the next explosive could be placed in the cannon. So it was a good 3-5 minutes between each firework.

Watching fireworks over Stone Mountain.

Not seeing ANY fireworks in Alaska (you know becuase it doesn't get dark in the summer) but the Russian version of the Blue Angels did an air show.

Watching fireworks with the hubby for the first time... :)

We will watch fireworks on TV tonight, little man is already fast asleep. Family and cook out have come and gone. Maybe next year he will be able to stay up late enough to enjoy them, and we can go as a family. I am looking forward to this holiday tradition.

I love me some family traditions!

Monday, July 2, 2012

stay at home mom

So a big part of me wishes I wanted to be a stay at home mom. You read that right, I want to want to be a stay at home mommy, but I don't. Does that make me a bad mommy? My mom stayed home with me and I think it made a huge difference in my life. But I like to work. I don't always LOVE my job or people or kids, but over all, I do. By the end of the day, the little man and I are over each other. Now, I fully recognize that this could be pregnancy induced exhaustion/irritation. This week has been further exasperated by the fact that mom is out of town. I now realize how much her 30 minutes here 5 minutes there really help. On top of that, I think he is growing out of his second nap. So he acts tired around 2:30 ish, he kind of naps/whines for 30 min, naps for maybe another 30 minutes, and cries to be gotten.  Then acts like a butt head for the next 2 hours until dinner. Is it ok to call your own child a butt head?  I give myself permission. Later I can blame it on pregger hormones.

Today little man and I went to a friend's house to swim. I have worked with her as long as I have been teaching. She has a son that is going to the same college I graduated from and a daughter in high school. It was soooo nice to talk to someone else. I feel like I am bugging my friends because I keep calling them and no one answers. I don't want to be a pest. Anyway, she is not a phone person, so the only way we talk is when we get together.

 I guess the hardest part of this summer is feeling isolated. Another friend from work put on her facebook that she was getting together with her girlfriends to go see Magic Mike. Then she listed a whole bunch of people that I socialize with at work. It made me feel pretty left out. Gah what am I, a 5th grader getting my feelings hurt for not being included?? Another friend had a birthday party. It was just bowling and wings, but again not invited. I know her through my sister -in-law, but we hang out too.  I have always been the one that was forgotten. When it comes up in conversation (not by me, I hold this in) people are like "Oh,  you should have come!"  What am I going to say- "I wasn't invited?" No- I just say "Next time, for sure." Then it doesn't happen. I think this is why I try to plan things, so I don't get left out. No one calls me to talk, I have to reach out first. I am not talking about people who live far away, my friends that are scattered across the country are busy people with kids and I feel we talk often. I mean my friends around here. I worry sometimes I think I am better friends with them, than they regard me. Am I that girl, the girl that thinks "we are such great friends" when really they are like "her? yeh she is nice."

What the hell is this insecurity?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

getting ready

So we are half way there with baby boy's nursery. Our bed room was at one point 2 rooms and at some point the wall was knocked out to make an awesome master bedroom. The basics of arrangement were to move our bed to the other side of the room (where you enter the room,) move the rocker and other new baby furniture onto the other half of the room, and rearrange the room to create 2 rooms. My mom gave us her and Dad's free standing amours. They are about 6 feet wide, so they cover about half of our created "wall." I need to get a one of those paneled, fold-y, divider thingys. You know what I am talking about. The word escapes me- as usual.
I need the hubby to get into the attic and get down the bins with the newborn stuff. Nesting has arrived people!