Thursday, June 28, 2012


Update: I went into the bathroom to give the kid a bath, and the web and long legs was gone. Little brown was on the rim of the tub. In my attempt to relocate said little brown- he perished. So that is how it ended. House destroyed, villain missing, hero inadvertently killed. Not as exciting as I had hoped. I think I was looking for a battle to end all battles. That may be how the house was destroyed. If only I had the time and patience to really watch the whole event all the way through. .

Update: Family left yesterday with my mom.
It was really nice to see everyone, but I am glad they are gone. It was so noisy, usually I don't mind noise, but it was aggravating my pregger mindset. My cousin has 2 girls 7 and 3. The older one is really bossy and the younger one is really whiney and they are relentless with each other. They are also spoiled rotten by everyone but their mother, so they listen to her. It took them all of 2 minutes to realize that I was more like mom than grandma. They were completely confused when I didn't jump at their every command. They were even more confused when they came in and said something like "I'm hungry." and I responded with "and...can you ask a question?"  There was a good long pause and she asked, "Can I have something to eat?" I looked at her then she added "Please?" I said absolutely! What do you want? and we had a perfectly agreeable afternoon. The way the girls pick and argue- I really hope that is a girl thing. I know my boys are going to fight, and have aggravating moments, but I sure hope it is not constant. Time to start reading some parenting books.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wild Kingdom

So little spiders residing in a web far above my head, nice and sedentary, do not bother me. Large spiders running across my floor near my feet, bother me. This is a story about the first. I tend to leave webbed spiders alone in my house, because they eat mosquitoes and flies. Both of which are better off in a spider web than in my bedroom as I try to sleep, which is always an adventure these days.

Anyway- 2 days ago such a spider and spider web appeared in my bathroom, safely up in the corner. Today, I go to reach for my soap, and little spider is dangling near the rim of the tub. WHA?? I look up and there is a grand daddy long legs lurking on HIS web. About that moment my over active imagination kicked in. Suddenly we find our hero hanging over a cliff in a monsoon (aka the shower- duh) while the LARGE evil villain sits in the hero's secret home. Our hero struggles to climb up the thin rope. Climb, climb- spin.... rest. (I would rest too if I spun as much as he did.) Climb, climb, spin, rest.

This is where it gets really exciting. Our hero climbs within inches of the big bad long legs and at first it appears as if he is climbing then slipping down, but careful observation shows he is shaking the web! He is pulling a plucking/sticatto move on the silk to shake the long legs out of his house.

However clever this is, long legs takes 2 steps towards our hero and he retreats. I am then struck with a metaphor relating to the civil war. Long Legs is Union. You know he is in the north, he is bigger and he appears to just be taking over the south's rights (depends who you ask.. lol.) Little guy is in the south (below,) is smaller and has a much larger amount of room to retreat to and regroup. But we know how that story ends.

So our hero starts the trek back up the silk road, but stops more like 6 inches from the long legs this time, and tries to sticatto him again. At this point I was sitting in my towels, on the closet toilet watching the adventure and I realized that I should probably get dressed. Just a thought. I will return to see who the victor was, I (just as the blog suggests) have other things to do.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The need to ramble

I feel it coming on..

a ramble...

Family is coming in town, down from their Kentucky Holler. No really, they are fun people and I love them but they can be a smidge inconsiderate. We did not find out they were coming today, until yesterday. I know they said they were leaving at 10 am, but I know they won't leave until 1 or 2. This is without consideration of the fact that I have to make dinner for everyone. They will be very loud- my kid goes to bed at 7 ish, if he gets woken up my day will be miserable the next day. But this is them and I love them. I honestly wish they would stay longer than one day. They are really just coming to pick up mom. The only reason my uncle is even coming is because he wants to look at a car to buy. (He is the reason I had several of my cars at all, be buys damaged cars and fixes them.) He is not a big fan of traveling. So it will be my cousin, he husband, their youngest child, my aunt and uncle. Mom has these plans for taking my aunt to some stores she really likes around here. I just don't know when they plan on leaving tomorrow.

Set Change!
I am so thankful my hubby cleaned the guest bathroom yesterday. It looks really good. Now, I need to get the kitchen and family room in order. And still get a shower in... lol

Set Change!
Justin and I were supposed to go by the school tomorrow to get my class set up in case I don't make it back for the beginning of the year, but family will be here.

Set Change!
I need.. like NEED to get the baby's room set up, at least the space. I am just obsessed with it. It stems from the fact that we had NOTHING ready when little man arrived. Which I KNOW it will be ok. He is going to be in a bassinet next to the bed for a while, but stressed just the same. I am being a hormonal pregger woman.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

broken sinus and an nice evening out

Is this even possible? I think the kid broke my right sinus... At least it feels that way. He has this very sweet and cuddly way of going for a hug- head first. Hard-ass skull first. Usually into my face. About 2/3 of the time I catch him before impact, every once in a while he makes contact. In my head it sounded like a baseball bat hitting a home run. I am pretty sure I will have a bruise that will embarrass my husband in public. haha
"He did it because he loves me, really!"
"No, no, it was the little man." lol

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. We went out gluttony style. We went to Maggianos, one of the Hubby's fav restaurants. We went out after the little man went to bed, so mom watched the monitor. We ate like pigs and it was great. I know I just lamented over the hubby's health, but holidays don't count. And any special day that involves me IS a holiday. hello...
It was good times. He made reservations for us, so it was nice to walk in and sit down. The hubbs reminded me that we went to eat there before we saw Phantom of the Opera when we were fist dating and I apparently gave him crap about not making a reservation then. I don't remember, but I am glad I did.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sweeping away the day

So my darling son has taken an interest in cleaning. It is really great- hopefully, it will develop into a life long love of cleaning so mommy can retire from the house cleaning role. I doubt it. So the hubby and I have been hunting for a child size/oriented broom. We found one with a cute little bear that sang songs and "makes a sweeping noise." We put it together and tested the noise making element. The sweeping noise sounds like a shovel in snow.

The last few days I have managed to sweep while he was napping or after he went to bed. Today was the test. I got him interested in his broom, I grabbed mine and for 3 glorious minutes I was able to sweep unencumbered by a toddler snatching the broom out of my hand. Once he realized that I had the other broom, he wanted it. I asked him if he wanted to switch. His answer was to snatch my broom and walk away. Always the prime example of negotiation, that child.

We have this long handled dust pan that he usually snatches away from me when he is taking my broom. My strategy was that he would take the dust pan, drop my broom and I would be the victor. Not so much.

He dropped HIS broom and grabbed the dust pan. So I swept the kitchen with the bear broom the music singing away. Let me describe this broom a little more carefully. It is about 2.5 feet high. It barely comes to my hip. The width of the broom is about 8 inches. So my 7 month pregger butt was hunched over sweeping with twinkle twink little star ringing from my broom.

I didn't do a very good job.

Monday, June 18, 2012

health screening

So our insurance offers a discount if we go get our annual physical called a "biometric screening."
At first it sounds like something out of a 80's futuristic movie. You know the movies where the world has gone all to hell and the government is all in control. And the floating cars- can't forget those. But it makes sense. Bio meaning life and metric meaning measure. A measurement of your health/life. phhttt I like my original thought better. 
I had a physical back in November, but that was before they offered the the discount, so I did not bring my form (you know, because it did not exist.) So fasting while pregnant had me pretty worried.
So my sweet sweet hubby let me sleep as late as possible, so I did not have to be conscious and hungry all morning. So I woke up and realized that there is some form that we have to bring with us.
All of a sudden we had a quandary, both laptops were in the family room, where the little man was napping. He is notorious for being an inconsistent sleeper. Sometimes he sleeps like the dead, sometimes laughter 2 floors up will send him crying to be picked up. So I risked it. I tip-toed in and grabbed the laptop successfully. That is right- I am a ninja. I brought it upstairs, pulled up the forms and printed them- in pink...?! Re-set the settings- Printing in PINK. A very light pink mind you. check the ink statuses- all good. Set all settings to default- Print! in pink... Oh well they will get a pink form.. screw them. Ninja's can rock pink- hello Power Rangers!
So here I am starving, late with pink forms- I was a tad frustrated.
We arrive at the Dr. within minutes of our appt and it was not a problem, the nurses got a giggle out of my husband turning over pink forms, and we were seen.
The nurse did the basic gathering of info. She was very impressed with me (pardon me while I brag for a moment, you can hate my skinny ass later) because even being 7 months pregnant I am within a healthy body mass index. AND I did not have to do blood work, the dr. could use the workup from my last appt in Nov. Unfortunately, not so much for my hubby. So, now he has some weight goals he has to meet in order to maintain our heath insurance discount.
He had just signed up for a gym membership a few weeks ago, so we made some decisions about when will be a good time for him to go. We talked about the types of foods we keep in the house and portions. I really, really hope that I can be a motivator for him with out it being "nagging."
A new adventure!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weddings and a rouge bridesmaid

So one of my very good friends from high school (I did not go to HS with her, but it is in that time frame) was married yesterday. It was a picture perfect day and everything went smoothly despite the disappearance of a bridesmaid.
There is usually one. I don't think there was one in mine, but with a smaller wedding party, it is easier to limit problems. But there was one this weekend. She was an hour late to the rehearsal (understandable), complained, was more than drunk the entire wedding day, was defiant to the photographer (that pissed me off the most, theses are the bride's pics- don't fuck them up because you are feeling bitchy,) then disappeared before we could have our "grand entrance" into the reception. Poof- Gone- No answer phone- Not passed out in bathrooms- Gone. So we entered without her. I took on the lone groomsman, and had one on each arm. He seemed really out of sorts. Eventually she texted the maid of honor and said that she was "ok" when we asked where she was she said that she "did not want to bring her drama to the wedding." So... I just hope the bride doesn't realize the drama, and just has wonderful memories of her wedding.
I am just frustrated because she was really selfish. I kept my mouth shut, but I had some comfort when the other bridesmaids were drunk enough to bitch about her also. Its good to know that I wasn't just being an a-type.

I, on the other hand, had a fabulous time. I felt very welcomed into this tight group of friends (these were mostly her friends from college, that I never met before.) I was worried that it would be awkward because I am 7 mo pregnant and the maid of honor had lost a child who was due the day of the wedding. I even offered to bow out of the wedding, so that the maid of honor would be able to enjoy the day without grief. I have had to be around a few people who have lost children late in their pregnancy and been pregnant myself. I know that I was a constant reminder, and I took their cold shoulder with patience and prayer while trying to stay out of their way. It is not their fault, it is not mine, but I can minimize the reminders. But the maid of honor was graceful and kind and I appreciate her strength and beauty on this very emotional day for her. Her best friend in the world is getting married on the same day that her daughter was due. She lost her around 21 weeks. I can not even fathom, not even a little bit. I am grateful my 2 pregnancies have been successful (so far.)

Well it is time for house cleaning.. bah.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

whatta trip

Man, I missed my family.
I was away getting my learnin' on. I am a participant in a National History Grant for teachers. We affectionately call it the TAH (Teaching American History.) I had 3 days of classes about local history and how it relates to Civil War. Our focus the last two years has been using primary resources in the classroom. Then we left for a whirl wind tour of battlefields and DC. IT has been completely fascinating and exhausting at the same time. 

I have been really excited about this trip and taking pictures. There is another teacher who is a part of the grant who is also a photographer. She forgot her camera last year and I have gotten the cold shoulder from her since. I don't know if I am reading too much into her behavior and the reasons. I am not used to smiling at someone and not receiving one back, even in courtesy. I am a people person at heart, and it really bothers me when I don't know why people don't instantly love me. (I exaggerate.) I kid, I kid, but I would like to know what (if anything) I did, so that I can (a) correct my mistake and (b) not do it again. Over time I have learned that sometimes I have done things that have hurt other people's feelings,  and I genuinely had no idea it was happening until they told me. I take those things to heart, and I take them very seriously. I do no want to be the cause for anyone else's pain, stress, or frustration.

Anyway, she had her camera this trip, and she warmed a little bit to me through the trip. The girl she hangs out with was very nice to me, so that makes me think she is not talking bad about me. Maybe she has had a hard year, I know her hubby is in the military. Maybe the fact that I am/have been pregnant bothers her, maybe they have had issues. I know that I can be an attention hog sometimes, and that could totally rub someone the wrong way. This forum is hard for me too, because I really enjoy history. Also, I am very comfortable with the people in the group, so sometimes I will crack jokes in the seminars (always appreciated with a hearty laugh.) I can say that by the end of the trip, she was at least returning my smile.

I am just glad to be home with my family. I missed the little man and the hubby. I missed my mom.
Now to recover, it really was a busy week.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good Daddy

My husband is such a good daddy, the end is where you really see it. Today he was cleaning off our always cluttered desk. He thought he smelled dog poo. So he walked around, checked up and down stairs, alas no dog poo. In his defense my mom's dog's farts smell just like dog poo. The boy was up to his usual antics, running around, pretending to sweep, pulling everything out of his toy basket. Today the boy was "sweeping" with our swiffer. Just a basic model thing. So, as the hubby is working on the desk and bills,  he keeps smelling the poo and it is getting worse. So he gets up to investigate again. He quickly finds out that the boy found the poo, and it was indeed poo. But being the super sweet boy he is, he tried to clean it with the swiffer, all over the kitchen. Poo smeared everywhere. Everywhere. And it is really funny because I wasn't home. My husband really is a good daddy because he thanked the boy for trying to help, put him in the tub, scrubbed him clean. Then he scrubbed the tub and the kitchen clean.
Good man.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

my kid is weird

So my child has the strangest eating habits EVER. I know everyone's toddler is picky, but mine is picky in a totally strange way. The only thing he wants to eat is brussel sprouts. I'll put a meal together of pot pie, sprouts and apple sauce. He will pull the pot pie out of his mouth, but gladly ask for more sprouts. He eats them at every meal. He will pick them over spaghetti, bbq chicken, chicken nuggets, or hot dogs. He would live on b-sprouts and goldfish. He would be perfectly happy.
Occasionally he will eat peanut butter. Justin makes him french toast, pancakes, or waffles and put peanut butter and syrup in them for his breakfast. We have discovered he is like Buddy the Elf, if we put syrup on something, he will eat it. But that doesn't lead to good dietary habits. Lord knows, in this house we need better dietary habits.
He is a taster like me. He will stick his tongue out, and taste what is on the fork first. I don't stick my tongue out, but I do take a small bite before I dig in. This kid may look like his daddy, but he sure acts like me.