Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back to my A-type

So I have some A-type tendencies, and they tend to recede when I am super stressed and super busy. I know that is when most A-type-ers turn into 3 headed a-type dragons, but mine goes and hides. It is almost like a state of self preservation. My head knows that it can not possibly control and manage everything, so I just pick the priorities. It wasn't always this way. I used to become that dragon, then I had a kid and now I am pregnant. I can not allow myself to become over stressed. I also can not rely on my brain to juggle it out. It  is like these boys are zombies. Little man is a 16 mo old zombie eating my brain from the outside while mini man is inside sucking the abilities out of my brain. So I don't even try. At least I know my limitations, right?
Anyway, the craziness that is the end of the year is over, so my little a-type monster peeks his head out and looks for his shadow. If the smoke has cleared, he rolls out.
So I am making a meal calendar. I used to do this every month, it fell out of style when I neglected to get a 2012 calendar. I just made one this time. I am going to be out of town for about  a week. I planned out the month, but left that week blank. I don't know how the Hubby and Mom plan on eating (or interacting for that matter) while I am gone. They need to make a plan before I go to the store. Otherwise, they are stuck with whatever they can scrounge up. Even though "it's not my problem" it is still irritating my a-type dragon. I also went through ALL the newborn hats/socks/mittens and organized by size. I gave away to chairs on craigs list to get them out of the house. Some of this may be nesting, but it is not out of character for me.
I am ready to get my budget underway.

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  1. It's nesting AND that cleaning madness that strikes after school lets out and you realize you'll be HOME all summer. You have twice the madness!