Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day of Folly

Friday started off with it's own goals. I have been feeling really good and a little cooped up. The hubby and I decided to hit up a neighborhood yard sale in the morning. We decided this on Thursday night. About an hour after we decided I was racked with such pain that I could not stand and began to shake. It was the second time in my life I was ready to go to the hospital for pain, it is also the second time in my life it was caused by gas. If I had not just had a baby, I would have immediately thought it was gas, but I began to worry it was something in my uterus. Fear not, as quickly as it came, the pain subsided. But every time I got up to pump or feed the baby, it started to hurt again and it took a while for me to go back to sleep. When I woke up, I was not in the mood to go anywhere, thus began our day of folly.

We made a goal of getting baby boy's nursery all set up. We really putzed around. When little man woke up from his nap, we went to get him milk and discovered to toddler dismay that we were out. I sent the hubby to the store for sandwich supplies and milk, he came home with $100 worth of groceries...

The upside of that bill is that he was going to make stroganoff.  Yummy!! So baby boy has had a touch of jaundice and we went Monday and Tuesday to have his blood tested for bilirubin numbers. When they called after the second test, they said it only went up 1 point, so just put in by the window for 10-15 min at a time. Well, just as we decided to start the beef for dinner, we got a call from the dr's office wondering why we had not done a follow up blood test yet... because we were not told to...

Their solution- drive 30 minutes to the hospital, pay for parking, and use the outpatient pediatric lab that is open 24 hrs.
So we do. We arrive at the outpatient pediatric lab- that closes at 5 pm... it is 6:30 ish... yeh- folly
We call the pediatrician and have them page the Dr, to find out what to do. What a waste of the Dr's time. After waiting 20 min for him to call back, he says that no, we have to go to the hospital's lab, he is not sure why the nurse would say that.

So we walk half way across creation to the lab- Do we have the dr's orders with us??
No, they said they would fax it.
Um- maybe they sent it to the lab instead- hopefully not the pediatric know the one that closed at 5.
Phone calls made- waiting for the lab to check
Ring! yes, we have it.

So we have his blood drawn, the lab tech, drew his blood and said that she would notify the dr within an hour.

So today we waited all day to hear from the dr- no news. I assume no news is good news. At least we did not have to pay anything out of pocket.

We arrived home just in time for the olympics to start. That was the first thing that was not folly- well maybe it was, that is more a matter of opinion. At least Marry Poppins beat Voldemort.

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