Friday, July 13, 2012

getting out!

Must be one of those hormonal days-
Woke up in a good mood.
Played with the boy, had fun.
Then he started....
He is now down for a nap.
And I feel bad for getting frustrated with him.
We are going to go out when he gets up.
We are going to go to the post office.
We are going to go to the park, hopefully it won't be to wet.
We have to go go the store..- it will not be Wal-mart.
We are going to have a nice day- busy and distracted.
Maybe hit some yard sales- but honestly it is a lot of work with him. (getting in and out of the car seat)
We are going to surprise daddy at work.
Then- Who knows?!

I think the problem is he gets bored here and then causes trouble. He can't help his curious nature and independence.

We are going to have a good afternoon. He is going to be so wore out that he will sleep like a champ at his afternoon nap. Who are we joking- I am going to sleep like a champ also. 

1 comment:

  1. Getting out of the house is the BEST way to get through a summer day that looks just like all the other summer days. I'd go crazy if we couldn't get out of the house every morning!