Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Kids so close-

I need to find a book about raising kids close in age. I am desperate to make sure Little man still feels loved, included, and important. I don't want him to resent his baby brother.  I want him to still feel confident and independent. Little man is not a lap baby, he runs and plays. He will come and sit with me for a minute, but that is it- he is down and going again. I don't want him to be jealous and clingy.

I know if I do this right- the boys will be best friends. It will be so hard at first, and any thing that will make my life liveable will be so very important.

I already know I am going to hold Baby boy accountable just as much as Little man. (when age appropriate)

I want these boys to lie for each other and cover each other's backs. Does that make sense? I want them to be so tight that they will protect each other. I mean I don't want them to be partners in crime, like holding up a gas station. But if they wander into the woods and one tears up his clothes, I want the other to swear that a bear did it and he saw it. I want one to tell me if the other is being picked on and to stand up and say "hey, leave my brother alone." If it comes to a fist fight. They will be in trouble at school, but not at home.

I want them to go out and get dirty- So I can teach them the responsibility  of doing laundry.. hehe

I want there to be healthy competition on the field (what ever type of field they choose to play on.)

I want them to be intelligent and use their intelligence. For good- Not evil.

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  1. You want them to be the Weasley twins! How awesome would that be?!