Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July!

I love the 4th of July. I love the parades, the cook-outs, the fun, the fireworks. When I was younger I could tell you every 4th of July celebration in my memory; who I was with, where I was, about the fireworks and how I felt. I know I could do it in college, but I can't anymore. In fact, I was going to for this post. In reality all that I need to remember is that I have enjoyed every one of them.

Getting lost in California trying to find a fireworks show, and we ended up on the side of the hwy somewhere watching some random town's show.

With my cousin in Colorado, flying in that morning and really getting a show in the Rockies.

In a holler in Kentucky that was soooo proud to have their own display, but they only purchased one cannon and did not realize that after each firework the cannon would have to cool down before the next explosive could be placed in the cannon. So it was a good 3-5 minutes between each firework.

Watching fireworks over Stone Mountain.

Not seeing ANY fireworks in Alaska (you know becuase it doesn't get dark in the summer) but the Russian version of the Blue Angels did an air show.

Watching fireworks with the hubby for the first time... :)

We will watch fireworks on TV tonight, little man is already fast asleep. Family and cook out have come and gone. Maybe next year he will be able to stay up late enough to enjoy them, and we can go as a family. I am looking forward to this holiday tradition.

I love me some family traditions!

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