Monday, July 23, 2012

BABY Boy!!!


I have been a little mute for the last few days- I was busy ;)

So 35 weeks 6 days and I feel a little trickle. I go to the bathroom and I see discharge (ewww, I know.) so I did not think anything of it. Woke up in the middle of the night with the same sensation, roll over and go back to sleep. I headed to the Dr. for my appt. I told her that I thought I had lost my mucus plug, that I had felt a little trickle last night. She said it was probably nothing, but she will check anyway. Then she says "Oh, I think your water broke." She checked it under the microscope, and sent me to the hosp with orders.
This is my conversation with the Hubby-

Hubbs- Hey hun

Me- Hey, we have to go to the hospital.

H- Why?

Me- my water broke

H- are you kidding?

Me- No

H- Is this a joke?

Me- No, really

H- No, Forreal are you messing with me?

Me- No, water broke last night apparently

H- No, really, are you kidding

Me- No, and now I am about to cry so I am not kidding.

H- Oh- ok, what is the plan.

Me- I'll meet you at the house.
So I went to the house got Little man ready to go to a friends house for the night. Put the rest of my bag together. When the hubby arrived, we headed out.

It took me over 12 hrs to dilate. But it was worth the wait because I only pushed for 30 minutes this time.
'Baby boy weighs 6 labs 12 oz and was 18 inches long. He was born at exactly midnight.
If he was a new year's eve baby we would be rocking all sorts of cool free stuff. As it is we are just rocking a different date... lol

He is so much bigger and stronger than Little man was at 36 weeks. Baby boy weighed more at birth than I did at full term, so I think he is doing pretty well.

When came home Little man got to meet him for the first time.
"Little Man come meet your brother!"
To which he shakes his head and walks away.

The head shaking is new- I don't really think he knows what it means, but I think it may have been subconscious. lol

We are home and healthy!

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