Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hubby

The hubby and the boy went a pancake breakfast at church this morning. It was nice to stroll out of bed when the moment moved me (or the other little boy kicking my bladder.) I had 2 bowls of lucky charms, edited some pictures.

I love my husband VERY much. One of the reasons I fell in love with him is because he was independent and intelligent. He could do his own laundry and his mother did not call in sick for him. I have dated people like that- it is a downfall of my generation. Despite the fact that he is a grown up with these qualities, he can not seem to leave the house without calling me at least 100 times.

The first was to see if we wanted to go to a birthday party for the little girl of one of our friends at church. Got it- good plan.

2nd- What should I get her? 

3rd- How much should I spend?

4th- Is this ok? Do we need a gift bag? Card?

5th- I was going to get your mom's prescription, what is her birthday?

6th- It is going to cost $40- should I still get it for her?

7th- Lets go to Home Deopt on our way to Dave's (not the birthday party mentioned before.)

We are still waiting on 8 and 9.

These all at least had between 5-10 minutes between them, sometimes they come one right after the other. You would think after 5 years of me sounding incredibly irritated when I answered the phone (yet again) he would get the clue or get irritated with me or just stop calling. but no. He is just as kind and sweet as ever. Completely ignoring my annoyed tone usually works. I am distracted by his completely reasoned need for calling. I am just now wondering if he has any idea how much this irritates me. Maybe he is just a guy who has no idea what I am really saying when I say "No, it's fine..."

He does this at home sometimes too. When I put the little man down for the night. I prep, get everything together and GO. Bath, dry, brush teeth and hair, diaper, clothe, read, sing and down. When Hubbs puts little man down, I get called up to gather something at least once.

I was sitting with his mom one afternoon watching tv while he and his father fixed (yet another thing) broken in the house. He called me up gather or do something 2 different times. When I returned the second time, his mother said something very snide. Which, let me reassure you, is very rare. She said "He was never like that when he lived at home, he did everything for himself." I looked at her and said "Lord, please make him like that again, I hate this shit." She laughed. All was well. But that is just an example of what I am talking about.

On that same note- I do things that if he did to me I would be furious. I tend to be snappy and crabby. Considering I have been pregnant 2/5 of this marriage, I would say 2/5 of it is excused. The rest, I admit, is being spoiled absolutely rotten by my husband.

I forget half the stuff he asks me to do. (again 2/5 excused) Call someone, pick up something, do something, or complete something. He never gets mad... never. I wonder if he knew this before we got married- and he accepted it a LONG time ago. I wonder if in his head he is like "I am going to ask her in the off chance that she actually does it and I won't have to." Like it is some statistical game for him. 

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  1. Silly boys... they can't figure out that "it's fine" means "you are a horrible person, why would you DO that?" LIKE ITS COMPLICATED!