Tuesday, May 29, 2012

post planning

Post-Planning for teachers is always a whirl-wind. We have one day to complete 2 pages of checklists. Some of them are easy, like turn in all the nurses passes and tardy slips. Some are more complicated like, take all the old papers out of the permanent records, record all the grades for the year in the records, put 3 different stickers in the record, put a report card in the record, put the days present and the days absent in the record, then put ALL the records in ABC order. Then we have to organize all the data for the year and box it up. Turn in my keys, that don't exist. Laugh when maintenance puts a sign up that says "closed for maitence" across the 3rd grade girls bathroom.  You would think if it is written on their shirts, they could spell it right. I wish I had taken a picture. Have all items off my desk and my floor and put away so they can clean my room.

Then I realize how disgusting my room is. When all the desks are moved out, the floor is AWFUL. It is clear that a year with a not-so-great janitor reeks HAVOC on the floor. I have had 4 years of moving out and NEVER has it looked so rough. I swept up and I hope that they can get all the marks off the floor. In all fairness, the janitor that preceded the current one was fantastic, like over the top, beyond the call of duty, fantastic.

Well, it is confirmed. The little man indeed has hand, foot and mouth disease. Thankfully, he only has the hand and foot element. The blisters on his hands and feet look awful. I had to put band-aids on his little fingers because he sucks on his fingers at night and I was afraid the blisters would burst. I put them on his fingers, and little man spent about 30 minutes trying to pull them off. He sat there and flexed his little hands over and over trying to get them off. He would look at them, then at me with the saddest look. Poor guy. I hope they will last the night.

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  1. Oh no, poor baby!

    I had the girls with me at the school for my post-planning... that was, um, interesting!