Thursday, May 3, 2012

this is bs

It really is. If I wasn't pregnant, I would be pretty stressed. I am pregnant and I am REALLY stressed. I just want to dive into my shell. This is not good for me, this is not good for the baby. I really am keeping a calm demeanor, but it all really is weighing on me.

My job in itself is very hectic this time of year. It is a lot of fun, but the fast paced nature of the beast, brings some stress with it.

Then my molar decides to fall apart in my chicken salad. I am a good girl and go straight to the dentist, they decide a root canal is in order. ok stress. BUT my roots are curved, and I have to go to a specialist. WAY stressed. I will have to pay much more for the specialist. AND wait 2 weeks to take care of it.

This morning I open my e-mail to a 2 page letter from a parent telling me about one of my sweetest boys  being bullied on the bus by 2 of my other students (and others.) ANGER STRESS

I have my 3 hr glucose test tomorrow- stress AND I will be hungry all morning.

AND because I will be out tomorrow, I will not be there when critical test scores come in. They say they are going to call, but I still want to look over it. BAH

So then because I am stressed and withdrawn, I have fallen behind in my cleaning. Just about every day I do a wipe down and sweep of the kitchen and every 3-4 days I sweep and mop (see there has been a death for the routine) of the front room and living room. so I feel like I live in a pig pen.

Of course I feel like I have been neglecting my poor husband. He takes the brunt of my crabbiness.

Basically- this is BS.

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