Monday, May 28, 2012

Summa Time

First official day of summer- Memorial Day!
My child has slept in until almost 10:00. I made the hubby go wake him up. It was weird-ing me out. This kid is clockwork- 7 am. Every day, no matter what happens the day before. However the day before here was pretty wonky.

We were in Macon (smack dab middle of Georgia) to visit the hubby's family for the weekend. He went to bed at 9, after crying for about an hour on and off. Then woke up a little late for him. Had a short nap. When his cousin got there we went to the lake. (That is about the time I noticed the rash on his foot.) We played hard, we came home took a bath. We attempted to put the boys in the same room to nap.. hahahahaha they just chatted it up the whole time. We ate dinner and drove home.He did not sleep on the way home. Got home, noticed the rash was also on his legs and hands. sigh.

This morning the rash was thicker on the tops of his feet. So I think it might be hand, foot and mouth disease. awesome. Thank GOD there are no sores in his mouth. On the down side he played with his 9 month old cousin yesterday. I kind of don't even want to take him to the dr, There is nothing they can do, other than diagnose it for sure. 

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