Monday, May 14, 2012


The hubby and I went to Blairsville this weekend. My students went in together, at Christmas, for a sweet jack deal that included a cabin in the woods and a massage. I got a beautiful pair of opal earrings from the hubbs for mother's day. He always makes sure that I feel appreciated on special days. He is really good like that.
We went antique-ing. Which for us mostly involves walking around antique stores either laughing or lusting after items in the store. I did manage find a really fake gold ring with some really fake gemstones. The great part was the beautiful opals as the main setting. The ring cost $8- WINNING.
I am really cheap, I mean REALLY cheap. I bought that thing like I was stealing from the place. The seller had no idea how much money she could have gotten from the opals alone. She sure couldn't get much for the fake gold and mis-matched gem stones. I was rushing the hubby out of the store like I was shoplifting. I did not want them to realize what I was getting away with. So now I had opal earrings and a ring with opals. I was a pretty happy girl. BTW my love language is gifts. AND a massage, cannot forget the massage.

We hosted a mother's day lunch for our super extended family. The grandmas had steaks, everyone else was relegated to bbq chicken or brats. I don't care for bbq sauce, so I assumed my hubby would make me chicken without the sauce- fail. I can't complain too much, he changed both poopy diapers yesterday. Win

MORE good news. Went to the dentist (the specialist) to have my root canal. He was looking at my x-rays and asked why the dentist refered me. I told him that a piece of my tooth came out and he felt the cavity was too close to the roots to just clean it out. He also did not want to do the root canal because the roots were curved. When I told him the part about curved roots he laughed at me- almost giggled  and said "Curved" was an understatement. My roots take a straight up 90 degree turn. He showed me on the x-rays, and he is not even exaggerating. He said he was going to try and clean out the cavity with out hitting the root, thus rendering the root canal unnecessary. I am very thankful for his skills, he managed to do it! No root canal for me today! I am very grateful and so is my bank account. Saved me about $500!

It is good to feel good again.

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  1. Opals always make me think of you, missy! Yay for a cabin and presents and NOT A ROOT CANAL!