Monday, May 21, 2012

last week of school

Last week of school-

OH MY GOD- These kids have lost their minds. The worst part? I could care less. Seriously. They are good kids and they are just hyper, but holy cow. It is like someone kicked an ant hill in there. I am glad when the Principal came in today, I was actually doing something academic, because the rest of the day was a fair guess if they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.
There is a one question a kid could (and will) ask that just infuriates teachers. "Is this for a grade?" I know that if I answer no- all motivation has left the room. I am not a big fan of lying to my kids, especially when I fail to actually give them a grade on the stinking thing.  Today the answer was "No, but if you don't do it, and if you don't do it with complete effort, you can work in the office." Now that is one of my rare empty threats, but because I don't often threat without following through, I was taken seriously.
The hardest part is we are all done- and I get it- I am done too. It is like senior-itis for 5th graders. And 5th grade teachers. And parents. And administrators. And lunch ladies--
Oh lunch ladies- gotta rant here-
We have a GREAT lunch staff, they just have STUPID RULES
Today when I arrived at the lunch room I was disappointed by bbq sandwiches or hot dogs. Sides of baked beans and coleslaw. Lesser of 2 evils was the hot dog. I don't like the sides offered. So I got my apple, and put in my lunch number THEN asked that since I don't eat the sides could I have another hotdog. NO, they would charge me1.50 for the stupid hotdog. SO I paid 2.50 for a hotdog, apple and milk. I call bullshit.

anyway- over it.

4 more days...

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  1. I know! Yesterday I realized that every year I block out how hideous the last Monday of the school year is. They go batcrap crazy! I had to kick a senior out of my class for making lewd advances towards an empty Kleenex box for crying out loud!

    Probably we can make it through this week without murdering anyone, right?