Monday, May 7, 2012

a little better

A little better, things are still stressful. I don't think that will ever change.
Glucose test came back good. So no gestational diabetes.

I bought new shoes. They look like pink sperrys but are actually crocs. I am super excited to get them in the mail. I had to have them sent from the store because they did not have my size and did not feel like driving 60 miles to the nearest store that had them.

My husband really helped me a lot this weekend. Not that he even really had a clue how stressed/ depressed I was. He might have, but he did not say anything. He was just his awesome self. He helped me clean, he cooked dinner. He had to work Saturday, so I took The little dude to a student's softball game, it was super hot. He then took him over to his parents house so we could have a night off and go to the movies on Sunday.

We went and saw the Avengers. So great.

I also took an opportunity to take some pictures this morning of a friends sweet kids. It was really nice.

I feel better but not great.

My sciatic nerve has been BURNING today. I wish I was one of those people who LOVED being pregnant. I always feel like an asshole when some beautiful woman with 100 kids asks me "Don't you just LOOOOOVE being pregnant?!" I try to be honest at all times, especially when I know I am not going to be able to carry off the little while lie. So I usually answer honestly "Not really." What a jerk. The look on their faces is pure pity. Yes- I love feeling the little boy move and jump in me. Yes, I recognize the ABSOLUTE MIRACLE the creation of life is. It still puts me in awe to think that this being- my child- started as 2 cells and is now a little person. However, I do not LOVE nor do I even like being pregnant.  And Yes- I do not how I got this way ;)

This pregnancy has been worse than the last. With Little Dude, I had it easy. I did not swell, gain excessive weight, or any of those typical "sucky" things. However, this round has been so much worse. Allergy season has kept me in antibiotics, I am swelling (not a lot), my muscles hurt, I am dizzy, I had the issues with my glucose, I have to have a root canal and I am crabbier. Crabby could be caused by all of the above.

One thing that will just loom over me is when this baby will come. Little Dude came exactly 1 month early. I am taking a progesterone therapy to prevent that, but it is still an unknown.

I feel like this is really a downer.

I got a bunch of stuff cleaned today!

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