Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today- is book worthy

Today is the type of day that teachers write books about. You know the ones that "regular" people find humorous and chuckle about. The kind that teachers will laugh out loud, shake their head in sympathy, and think "yeh, that is right" about.

Happy Monday morning after being out unexpectedly for 1/2 day.
100 e-mails waiting. 70 from book companies and websites wanting to pitch me crap. 20 from parents confused at to what the hw was after I left (there was no homework) and 10 from staff members with reminders and such for the end of the year.

We have changed our schedule to more reflect a "middle school" style day for our 5th graders. All the kids on our pod are mixed up and I am teaching SS and Science 3 blocks.

Homeroom runs smoothly with the exception of a normally very cool kid, calling out class clown style. Ignored.

 I had to e-mail the parents asking if they saw the progress reports because I only had 3 come in signed from Friday. Whenever I send out a mass e-mail that is BEGGING for every 5th parent to e-mail me back with 10 random and unrelated questions. It is like the Pandora's box of parent e-mails. Most of these questions can be answered by referring to the MASSIVE list of dates on my calendar. Oh and that same list is sent out EVERY MONDAY with the newsletter. So as they respond to my e-mail, the answer they seek is on the very e-mail they are replying to.

One VERY sweet, overly concerned parent wants to know where the 65 came from, she did not see it come home. Check with your sweet 11 year old who probably stuffed it in the garbage.

One joking about women's panties. 

One finding a pair of his own underwear in his backpack and pulling it out and acting like a clown in general. (Underwear later identified as stragglers from his last sleep over and forgotten about)

One kid managing to loose 3 very important pieces of paper for 3 different classes, thus racking up 3 zeros in one day. Then wanting ME to fix it. No sir.

Girl Drama- not even going there.

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