Saturday, April 21, 2012

There has been a death ;)

So... the TV remote is missing.

It is really easy to notice how LOUD the kid next door is when he plays basketball, when you can't operate the TV. Oh, I could operate it. I would have to sit on the floor, use the unmarked buttons on the box, and switch channels one by one. Not really worth my effort.

Not that I am lazy, well, I take that back. I can be incredibly lazy when the time calls for it. TV is not that important right now. Or not important enough to get up and go through all that. Especially after I have swept the kitchen and front room. Then I mini-vaccumed the junk that just doesn't go in the dust pan, and any big blobs of hair that magically appear. The I dry swiffered to get all the things I can't see. And let me tell you, there is a LOT of crap on that floor that the swiffer gets. It makes me go "ewwwww" every time I have  throw away the "dust cloth." THEN I bust out the steam mom- BEST THING EVER! I steam mopped the rooms. Except for the explosion.

I was almost done with the second half of the kitchen, and there was this big CRASH and bang and POOF! Somehow the 5 pound bag of flour in the cabinet gained the skill of mobility and decided this is not the kind of life it wanted to live. It flung its newly opened self onto my still wet kitchen floor, and promptly exploded. On the wet floor, on the clean counters, ON MY NERVES!

Despite my pregger hormones, I did not cry. I went and cleaned it up like a big girl. What I can't understand is why it decided it needed to take out the pitcher that goes to our tea maker. Was it a murder suicide? Was it a well planned double suicide? I don't know, but what I do know is that my husband is going to be sad when I tell him we can't make tea for a while. I don't like sweet tea, or really any other tea for that matter, so it is no skin off my back. You will not see me running out to Wally World to purchase another one any time soon. That is the lazy-ness talking right there. See I told you I could be lazy when the time was right.

Ok so I am off to those other things I need to do... Like grading papers.

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  1. Omg, murder suicide? you're hilarious! And I can't believe you didn't cry! I would so have cried. A lot.