Thursday, April 19, 2012

a better outlook

So I don't want this to become a forum to vent about my students. So instead of telling of the rudeness, playing in the bathroom until someone's finger was smashed, and lying that happened today. I will tell about the good things.

We read a poem today. They had a few short response questions, to which I intended a certain answer.
They AMAZED my by going deeper and really pulling out some great stuff. I was super proud.

We had a talk about connecting to texts differently. How reading a book now might be good, but reading it in 5 years will allow them to emotionally connect differently. How your experiences with death or injury will help you understand a characters experiences differently.  They were really making great connections.

This morning they came in, and did what they were supposed to do.

They put in a serious effort into their ss test.

There was no girl drama. THANK GOD

Apparently everyone wore deodorant and  showered because there was NO stink in the room.

small favors... :)

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