Friday, April 13, 2012


So we are in the midst of standardized testing hell. Overall MY kids are doing well. They are working hard, using scratch paper, and not asking me ridiculous questions (that I can't even answer anyway.)

I have one student who takes all standardized tests in a separate group because they get extra time. So basically this student can take up to 85 minutes to answer 35 questions. There are two sections like that. so in total they can take up to 170 minutes for 70 questions. That is nearly 2 and 1/2 minutes per question. They did not finish the first section. Then during the break proceeded to throw a temper tantrum that included writhing on the ground crying, throwing his pencil and calling the test ugly names. He had to be removed.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? 11 years old.
I have had this kid for 2 years. (See previous post Getting Loopy) About 2 months into 4th grade, last year, they failed a spelling test (admittedly for lack of studying.) They proceeded to throw themselves on the ground and throw a fit. I ignored them and proceeded to pass out papers to the other students. Allowing them to step over the tantrum-in-process  in order to do so. I knelt down on the ground and told him to get up. This is not acceptable behavior and would not be tolerated. If they were to continue they would spend the rest of the day in the office AFTER we called their mother at the middle school to explain what happened. They got up, calmly apologized and went to their seat. Never had another fit again.
2 YEARS LATER they decides to throw a fit with another teacher because he was frustrated with the test and did not finish.
Here is the thing- I did not find out until after school.
When they came back in to my room after testing, I asked how it went. They said  "fine."
IF I HAD KNOWN right away, I would have had a "chat" with them, and then there would have be consequences- BIG TIME.

Called mom- She is just as upset.

So a kid that I had NO concerns over failing a test, probably failed.. awesome!

Please ignore the grammar and punctuation errors. I am terribly exhausted and don't really want to edit.

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  1. It's always something, yes? I swear, there's no such thing as a nice, normal, predictable week at school!