Wednesday, April 11, 2012

getting loopy

ok enough with the heavy.

Today I was reflecting on the last 2 years I have spend with my students. We are in the middle of standardized testing hell. It gives me a LOT of time to think.

I have had the awesome opportunity to loop with my students. That means I get to have the same kids (mostly) for 2 years. I have some serious punks in my room, not bad, just punks. The one who can't stay in his seat to save his life. The one who says EVERY word that comes across his mind, he feels that each comment is the most important thing ever. I have typical 11 year old girl drama. But I also have the funniest, most sarcastic, most creative, most caring students. I have developed a strong relationship with the students and their families. I feel like their mom sometimes. I get called mom at least 3 times a week. I am hurt when they make bad decisions, and I am sad with them when they experience tragedy.

In the last two years we have laughed so hard we have cried. We have cried over lost pets. Rejoiced in new life (twice.) I have inadvertently lied to them. We were talking about what would happen when I went on maternity leave last year. The conversation had lingered on past the time allotted. They were asking the most ridiculous questions. " What if the sub forgets to do the attendance?" Same thing when I forget, the office will call down and tell her to do it. We had breached the world of "What ifs"and I was over it. I told them " Look guys, we have another month to discuss this, I am not having this baby tomorrow."

Then I did.


This is something they have NEVER let me forget either. The first day back I get "You said you weren't going to have the baby tomorrow!" Six. Weeks. LATER. 10 year olds have a long memory.
Ever since then, anytime I give an absolute, they remind me of my "not having the baby tomorrow" absolute.

"They will let you know when the pictures are."
"Are you sure? I mean, you said you weren't going to have the baby the next day, then you did."

I swear- an actual conversation.

Kids :)

I have never cried at the end of the year- I think it is a given this year.   

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