Saturday, August 11, 2012

video monitor madness!

So- more folly

My mom offered to buy baby boy a crib. I know that we get a coupon for items on our registry at babies-r-us, so I went ahead and registered for one. We got our coupon and headed to the store. We also purchased a video monitor.

We were all excited to see the see the antics that the little man would pull as he went to bed! Then he rolled over and went to sleep. like. a punk.

He was cute as he woke up. Well, I was asleep as he woke up until the hubby decided to wake me up for this historic moment. I shouldn't complain- it was cute.

So in Ga we are having a Tax free holiday on clothes and the like. I saved a ton of money Like. A. Boss. We stopped at Burlington after picking up our new crib. They have this good sized baby section. With stinking good prices. Including our monitor. shit. like $100 less good prices.. shit. So tomorrow , I get to trek back to over crowded, supper trafficked town, and return our monitor. Then drive down the road and buy it again. Thus saving $100, moral of the story- check out Burlington Coat Factory and Baby Depot FIRST.

On a slightly related note- we did get some serious entertainment from the monitor tonight. He danced, sang, clapped, rolled, traced the tree on the wall, whined, laughed and was generally cute.

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  1. Video monitors are the BEST! I love watching the weird things my kids do. Crazy children!