Thursday, August 16, 2012

Girls and Boys

Last night was a girls night- it was FANTABULOUS

I drove out to a girlfriend's house to meet with her and another friend who is in from out of town. They are both preggers and just beautiful. And hilarious.
We laughed and enjoyed each other's company. We had a delicious meal and all this calmed my soul.

Baby boy has been sick, he has been throwing up his forumla. We went to see a GI doc and she has us on a new formula which is actually making a big difference. Now we just need a poop. We need a poop in a bad way. If he doesn't poop, he may have a thickening of the muscle that connects the stomach to the intestines. The solution to this thickening is surgery. BUT if he poops, it is not this muscle thing. So we are praying for a poop- soon.
Little man had an appt with the ENT today. They said I needed to bring him because it was the consultation for the surgery. That punk DID not need to be there. I filled out paper work- and chased his cranky butt around. And he was determined to spend as much time in time-out at possible. Time out in public is AWKWARD. Old people staring at you awkward. Receptionist staring at you awkward. Other parents staring at you awkward. just awkward.

I also had to go to the board of education to turn in my paper work so I don't get fired for taking 5 weeks off. Also I needed to add baby boy to the insurance, so that when all these doctors start billing for his existence we don't have to pay all of it. 

That was more time out fun also- Running away from me kind of time out. In front of the board of ed receptionist awkward. Previous principal awkward.

He came home and has been napping for 1 1/2 hr so far.. good plan.

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