Sunday, February 24, 2013

Q #2

Do you like your handwriting?
Yes. When I take my time and have a good pen- great handwriting. When I am working on a real white board with a good marker- great handwriting. On the smart board? NO. That, so far, is the only downside to having this great technology. It makes it very difficult to write neatly. It is much easier to write in cursive on the smartboard, but hardly any of my kids can read cursive any more. Sad right?
It is supposed to be taught in 3rd grade, reenforced in 4th grade and required in 5th. Yeah right. There are far more important and legitimate things to be teaching. It really is a dying art anyway. Sad to say so, but in this age of technology no one is going to turn in a handwritten paper past grade school.

Yes, I like my handwriting, does it matter? Not really. Not anymore.

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