Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yeah. Yeah.

My oldest son is about a month away from being 2. When he doesn't know the answer to a question he just answers "yeah." It is a very non-committal, "yeah, whatever" kind of answer.
He knows what yes and no mean. If you ask him a question that he knows the answer should be no, he will answer no. Do you want to go to bed? - No  Do you want to go in the car? No

So he has been answering Yeah and No to questions consistently for  about 2 months. We assumed that when he answered Yeah, he was answering the question. But it seemed to me he was overly agreeable for an almost 2 year old... So we started asking random questions that the answer should not be "Yeah"

Our test questions-
Do you see Isla? (our dog) "Yeah" She was no where near us

Is Nonna here? "Yeah"   again- not near us...

oh no... this is not good...

Is there a purple dinosaur standing in front of you? "Yeah"

Thus began the fun of asking him questions for our entertainment.

So here are some of the things we have asked him...

If Daddy farted, would you eat it?  "yeah"

Do you want to ride Isla like a horse? "Yeah"

Want to party like a rock star? "yeah"

Want to ride the ceiling fan? "Yeah"

Do you see a winged monkey? "Yeah"

At Christmas we told the family about our overly agreeable son... They had fun with it too...

His Uncle Kyle asked him "Are you having fun?"  "Yeah"  "Is Papa an asshole?" "Yeah"


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  1. Haha! Kids will be kids. My younger brother enjoys saying "mhm."