Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I think blogger read my last post because the next day they had an update for mobile devices where you can save drafts. There is a Santa.

As cool as that it, I am typing this from the trusty ol laptop.

My in-laws came over for our gift exchange because the hubby's grandparents like to draw names. Which really only works out for them. EVERYONE else buys gifts for everyone, but them. They have the money to get gifts. I don't think they are doing it to be cheap, I think it is easier for them this way. Honestly and Truly.

The Hubby's Nanna doesn't like to leave the house. Her youngest child died just a few months before we got married. He was 35 and had a heart condition. He lived in Boston. He died alone in his apartment. He hadn't come down for Christmas the previous year. She, understandably, has been devastated. She lets it eat at her. Last night she talked about how Mike is furious with her for being that way. She went through a very serious depression for about 2 years after he first died. I don't think it has totally lifted.

The Hubby's Aunt acts like an 80 year old woman. She walks with a walker and is all hunched over. She always has some new ailment and is forever sick. Now she is just lazy and/or cheap. I know she orders all sort of crap off the internet for herself. She didn't even get my children a gift. For as long as my hubby can remember they have made egg ornaments for everyone. But that was never the gift. It was a tradition. This year her gifts to the boys were "special" eggs. They had the boys initials in glitter. 

I could care less if they get me something, but don't leave the kids out. This year the boys were still too young to notice or care, but soon they will. Maybe not next year, but definitely the year after.

I feel like I am being bitchy. But I have been so frustrated for so long because of  that whole end of the family's selfishness. My mom never let anything ruin Christmas for . NOTHING. It seems like every year there is some drama to bring everyone down.

I am grateful that the Hubby and I agreed that we wanted to have our Christmas in our house. Just us. That way there is always a sacred hour of pure happiness for our children where they are shielded from the drama.

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