Saturday, December 29, 2012

A trip to the ER

So my anxiety got the best of me today.

I walked upstairs to do some cleaning. Upon arriving at the top of all 4 stairs, I got sick to my stomach and I had this sudden and severe pain in my shoulder that radiated up my neck and down my arm. I was so nauseous that I seriously thought I was going to puke on the floor. My arm felt weak and I was shakey. I came down stairs and immediately looked up pain in right arm. Of course, I got all the scary heart attack websites. I was hitting 3 out of 5 symptoms. ER they said. ER I said.

But, I tell you what. You tell the staff at a hospital that your arm hurts, is numb, and you are experiencing general weakness- you don't have to wait in a waiting room...

So after peeing in a cup, having blood drawn and having stickies on my boobs they said my heart and gall bladder were ok. They took shoulder and chest x-rays and believe that I had seriously injured my shoulder at some point - don't even ask me, I am the clumsiest person on earth. It has healed incorrectly. And now it looks like there is something preventing my shoulder from being in the correct place. As for the nausea, and lethargy - panic attack- which I can easily agree with. Stress probably.

The ER doc didn't say it- but I know that what he really wanted to tell me was to stop cleaning. No really. I have been scrubbing and cleaning getting ready for a party that no one could come to anyway. So the disappointment of my party falling through and the stress planning and cleaning for one before said party fell apart = anxiety.

So my arm still hurts. I can take motrin, and go see an orthopedic if the problem persists. So $150 later, my arm hurts because I jacked it up at some point and aggravated it. THis is a much better solution that ignoring it and being wrong about a heart attack.

I blame the PSA ads about women heart attacks. 

So- Funny story while I was in there. The x-ray tech was having me move for pics. She had me put the top of my hand on my hip thus forming the "handle" from "I'm a Little Teapot." So while she was walking away I felt the need to start singing "I'm a Little Teapot." She stopped, laughed and told me that in her 14 years of asking people to put their hand in that position, no one has ever made that reference. I thought I was pretty awesome at that point. Then my arm started aching from holding it in that position.

So a bit of light to my crappy day.

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  1. Yikes! Thank goodness it wasn't your heart, but ooh, you need to take care of yourself, honey!