Friday, November 9, 2012

I get myself all worked up.

I am ridiculous. Just stupid ridiculous. Stupid is modifying ridiculous, not me. Well, this was pretty dumb.
I had the mirena IUD put in the first of October. I have had my period ever since. When I went in originally they asked me at least a dozen times if I could be pregnant. That, right there, started my paranoid panic. "Why are they asking?" "Do they know something I don't?" "What if that one time we didn't use a condom, but didn't finish b/c the baby threw up..." What if the condones failed? " All this was in the drs office before they even put the stupid thin in. They automatically do a pregnancy test before hand it was negative. So then I get my period that same day. And it hasn't stopped. In fact very gradually it gets heavier and heavier. So 6 weeks later I call the dr. An important fact about me is that I have a sensitive schnoz. So I noticed that I was smelling everything. Like everything. Like when I was preggers with the boys. Then I was sick today. So I went back to the OBGYN. The nurse dips the stick in my "collection" and glances down, walks to the computer and enters something. When we get into the room, she says something along the lines of heavy bleeding could mean pregnancy. WHAT! So I asked her" do you really think I may be pregnant? She said the dip stick said no at first, but she will double check it. Oh, oh that is better. The laughs and says she is going to wait to take my blood pressure because she is pretty sure she just shot it through the roof. yeah lady, you did. Good job. She came back a minute later and confirmed that there was no baby. But this is the perfect example of me working myself up and into a small tizzy. Ok- Big tizzy.

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