Sunday, November 11, 2012

big girl

All my life I have had boring bras. Mom only got me white bras or the occasional light pink bra. I think one of my first ones, you know the ones you get before you actually need one, was blue, very light blue. But that was the extent of my bra variety. I bought a black one in high school so I could wear black tops and dresses. I had a red one for a very short period of time. It was in a bag of hand me downs from a family friend. I think the girl slipped it in on purpose. I think she felt bad for me. haha
It turned out I out grew it far too quickly. It is a good thing- I like my boobs and all.

But all that started a trend of me buying boring bras. Now most are flesh colored, and I like that b/c I have this fear of being that girl at wal-mart that you can see her polka-dotted bra through her shirt.

So I broke free from the boredom. I bought a bra that is zebra print. Still black and white, but baby steps right?

The hubby showed WAY too much enthusiasm.

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