Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So I have really tried playing with little man a little bit every day. Today I took him outside with the rake. I made a little pile of leaves, swung him around, and plopped him in the middle of the pile. He immediately put his hands in the air and remained stick still.

He was terrified to touch the leaves. This is RH magic trick to keep him where I want him. Put that bigger in a pile of leaves and I am gold! When he got his sad face on, I took him out. I threw him in again, and this time he crawled out. It was too cute. He only wanted go palms to touch the leaves, not his fingers. It was like watching a woman with wet nails try to pick up something.

The hubby took over taking when he got home and was dropping leaves over him. He would pull his hands up to his face and squeal. Ah-dor-ah-ble. I know one day they are going to groan and say "Do I have to rake" and I will be forced to bribe him to go outside and touch a leaf. But for know I will thoroughly enjoy the squealing boy before me.

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