Monday, October 29, 2012

5 things not to do

5 things not to do with your nails wet...

For the first time in my life I have nails long and nice enough to keep painted. So I now I have learned- a little belatedly- how freaking hard it is to have nice nails.

1) Anything with your children- like any thing. Within this category I have personally experienced the following:

      A sleeping baby will ALWAYS wake up the moment you finish painting your last pinky nail.
      A child will ALWAYS have a poopy diaper, when you THINK your nails are dry.
      An hour after you think your nails are dry- you will engage in a tickle fight that will ruin your  
2) Don't wash your hands- You would think after a decent amount of time of "drying" that it would be ok to wash your hands. Liquid soap, water- nothing harsh about it. Yet, your nails look like a 2 year old who used a 3 inch paint brush did your nails.

3) Don't go to bed. Sheets are your worst enemy. WORST. ENEMY. EVA

4) Your pointer finger will sustain the worst damage from ANYTHING. You know how mom said not to point- maybe this is the reason.

5) Don't kiss your hubby- He will want more than a kiss and "more" will ruin said manicure.. lol

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