Saturday, September 8, 2012

baby boy and little man

I have gone back to work. It is nice to be back in a routine and to see my friends. It is also nice to have a break. A break from puke-y baby, stubborn toddler and my mom. Again with the I-wish-I-wanted-to-be-a-stay-at-home-mom.

But the good thing about being away for part of the day- it makes coming home sweeter. I have yet to have a full week, so next week will be the true test. My mom really has not had a full week. My wonderful mother in law took both the bots for a few nights, so we were able to rest.

So, I am totally in love with the Little Man, my big boy. But I wasn't always. I had a hard time bonding with him at first. I guess there was a little post-partum depression, but not bad. It was not the kind where I did not want to pick up the baby, but the kind where you just want to sleep. I was upset that I couldn't breast feed, and pumping just sucks. He was behind with cognitive development, so he wasn't a smiley baby. He cried a lot. It took us a long time to get him onto a formula that allowed him to be comfortable. It took a while, but I now adore my oldest child.

With baby boy, I was in love from the moment they laid him on my chest. I get it when people say "I could stare at him for hours." I didn't with Little Man. But I do with baby boy. Baby boy looks just like his big brother. His nose is a little different, but the shape of his face, eyes, cheeks, it is all little man. The fact that his nose is different, means he doesn't look as much like the hubby.

I know all parents think their children are the most adorable creatures to walk the earth, and so do I. Little man has been told by complete strangers in passing that he is too pretty to be a boy. He really is very cute. I just hope baby boy is as cute. Is that egotistical? I mean- it is half my genetics determining what they look like. And the other half- I picked. Right?

I also know that if a person is good looking, their life may be a little easier. May being the key word.

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