Thursday, May 16, 2013


It is easier to bestow grace on others, when those others show grace to you.
That is a true story.

So an addendum to my last post, the person I was disappointed in has been quite kind to me lately. I started to think that maybe I was too hasty in my blog rant. But as I stepped back and took a look around, I realized she has just redirected her attention to the teacher who just was honored as teacher of the year.  Lots and lots of little snide comments. Everything she says or does is "ok teacher of the year." "thats because you are teacher of the year..." We all can feel her heat, we just ignore it.

So I realized at that moment, it is easy for me to start to show grace to this teacher when I thought she was getting better.

And I also realized that I was not being true to my character that I believe I have.

Yes, maybe I should remove myself a bit from that person, but I should make sure that she knows that she is loved and appreciated. I shouldn't be angry with her (even for my friend's sake.)

I just received some news at work that is going to dramatically challenge me as an educator. Nothing bad, just really challenge me. I am still processing it, and I don't have much liberty to discuss it right now. But I promise it will be a topic worth exploring.

Back to being a better me.

I need to remember at all times I am example to children and my peers. My personal children, my students, my friends, my professional community all see me. I want them to see me as the Christian I know I can be. So my new mantra until it becomes a part of my soul is Grace for everyone. Be the light.

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