Saturday, March 16, 2013

A garden

This year we finally planting a garden. We have talked about it every year, this year we did it. I used some money from our tax return and made the cheapest raised bed planter ever. It is bordered by cynder blocks. They cost less than $20. The dirt, however was huge. About $75 worth of dirt. Sucha  pain. Well, it was dirt, miracle grow dirt, poop dirt, and moss dirt.

The poop dirt- good laugh. It has a huge cartoon of a cow's behind and the motto says "We're #1 in #2" cheesey- but funny. It is one of the reasons I choose it- that and it was cheaper.

So today we put herbs in the holes of the cynder blocks. Tomatoes and Peppers as soon as they are ready.

When that happens, up goes the chicken wire which is labeled in a nice politically correct form as "poultry fencing."

Now the watering begins... I am bad at this in the house- hopefully, I can remember when it is outside...

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  1. Me too! I'm so excited to start mine, I just hope I can remember to keep it watered after the baby gets here!