Thursday, January 31, 2013

kiss my butt goodbye

You know that scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is sucked into a tornado and she is all "I am laying on my bed because the window busted- oh woe-sigh pass out" And there is that unpleasant music and a slight roar of deep stringed instruments. Yeah- Bullshit.

Scene: Darkened skies, blowing wind, and 27 ten and eleven year old students working diligently on a science study guide. My phone buzzes ominously in my pocket. I pull it out and as I read " A tornado warning has been issued for your area." Simultaneously an announcement " Teachers and Students please assume your weather saftey positions." We file out for the second time that day. As I sit the students in the hallway, our DARE officer says "My phone and raido just blew up with calls, this one is serious" -awesome....

We have the kids in duck in cover mode, the wind picks up, it gets dark. The principal comes over the walkies and tells the teachers to GET DOWN NOW!
 UM_ HOLY COW. I am suddenly very glad I took my license out of my wallet and put in my bra- for real. not kidding. put my ID in my bra. Paranoid much? I also thought to bring my leather jacket. I figured if there was glass or something, it would protect me. As I sat there in the duck and kiss your ass good bye mode, I prayed. I prayed. I prayed. I shook, I shook, I shook. I was sure I was going to throw up. The Music teacher was next to me, and she had to pee. I told her if I throw up, she HAS to pee herself so everyone will look at both of us, and not just me.

We sat there and at the very end even the principals sat down in a safe area. Even the police officer sat down. I prayed for my home, mother and kids. I prayed for me and my students, I prayed for my husband and his library.

Things calmed down outside. And after a few more minutes we were told we could get up and go back to our rooms.

End Scene.

It was a glass a wine kind of night.

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