Saturday, January 26, 2013


So we all went to the Goodwill today. I LOVE people watching at the Goodwill.
First and Most importantly- I saw a 10 pointer. That is right folks- a 10 point mullet. It was beautiful.  And by beautiful, I mean HORRIBLE. Quaffed on top. Long, grey and stringy down the guy's back. It was only topped by the fact that he was was rocking a Hover Round. You know the one that Tom Cruize pitches on TV. He was playing with his grandkids. They were running around and around the Hover Round. He would rev it up and stop short of running them over while they went squealing around the racks. That part was sweet. The mullet was ah-mazing.
Little Man made it his personal mission to say Hi to everyone he encountered and turned on the charm. At the same time, he managed to be a whiney pain for me. He is good like that.
There was a lady in a hat that was reminiscent of Crocodile Dundee. I couldn't decide if she wore it TO the store or found it and was wearing in the store. Both are scary options.

There were so many tiny babies. They were so sweet and cute. NO- this is not drumming up desire for another. I am happy with my 2 boys.

I found the most fantastic prom dresses from somewhere in the 80's. It makes me wish I had somewhere to wear them... I would have bought them IN. A. HEARTBEAT.

I left empty handed, while the Hubby spent some of his birthday money and got some work clothes.

Fun was had by all.

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