Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An open letter to Mother Nature

An open letter to Mother Nature-

Dear Mother Nature,
   Please allow me to open with blatant admiration of your beauty and power. Your vastly varied flora and fauna have provided me with comfort in times of depression, beautiful pictures, shade in the heat, and so much more. My complaint is more with the process. When these trees, plants, and flowers open and begin the process that will allow them to procreate for another year, they release pollen. I see the purpose of pollen- but this much? My car will NOT be producing any pine trees and does not need an inch layer of yellow dust. My lungs and sinuses will not be blooming next spring and do not need to be coated in the various pollens that I breathe in. Normally, I can deal. But this year I am pregnant and can not battle the onslaught with my normal nasonex and allegra. ON TOP of that, the pollen count was 9,000. That is 9,000 particles per cubic meter. If that were to settle to the bottom, over an inch would be there. Shame. BTW the national asthma and allergy center say that 150 is dangerous- just so you know.

So, in closing, I ask that you take it easy. Relax, and give the south a break.

Queen Elizabeth

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  1. Poor baby! You should come visit me, all of our pollen is gone it seems like!